Any TKO results yet?

I guess it is a bit early, but are there any results from TKO yet?



check on the underground, there's a thread going.

Sam Stout defeats Joey Brown by TKO at 2:45 of Round 1

David Goulet over John Fraser by TKO at 4:55 of Round 1

Thierry Quenneville defeats Alex Gasson by unanimous decision

Martin Grandmont over Eric Lacelle by TKO at 1:26 of Round 1

Does anyone know about 1950's prelimanary fight?

Please post the results of this match.

I'm rooting for yah 1950.



I just heard that Homnick won rd1 via tko. From what I hear Rice had a pretty clean armbar on but Homnick escaped via amazing technique (lots of baby oil). Hopefully the baby oil isn't true.

you are the man mark u f--ken rule , way to go sammy and pecker u went the distance sure u got some licks in , luv u guys party hard

Damn if what you say is true, then regardless of past achievements a suspension and loss of belt is required.

But we'll have to see if what you mentioned is true.


Compton vs. Laliberte?

It is only rumour. I haven't spoke with Shane, I spoke with the "highly" respected Demandango. I would be dissapointed to hear it being true.

Mark Hominick defeated Shane Rice by TKO.

Compton vs. Laliberte?

Fitnessplus...Did Demandango seriously say that???

I'd be surprised if hominick would do something like that, as he seems like a classy enough guy. But if he did, than that is staight up cheating and there should be severe consequences.

However, if he did not and someone seriously acuses him of that, than that is equally as shitty.

I'd really like to know more.

josh you can email me or call me if you want to know more. i am not feeling like confirming or denying anything that may have happened or i may have said right now, cause i feel like having a good time instead of dealing with bullshit.

hey man, appreciate it. I don't have your number though. I called sanford already and left a message with my number. 488-6968

If you give me a shout i'll call you right back.

And by all means man have a good time. You are in "Funtreal" ;-)

Any word on Conliffe's fight?

Larenas broke his hand no fight. Rice was pissed after the fight, which was pretty good.

What about the Cote/Francois fight? How about some play by plays?

cote i believe won the decision, not much happened, hard for cote to land with power with francois at that heigth. no real highlights from what i hear.