Any topic that EVERYONE agrees on?

Is there one topic that Every forum member agrees on? Is it even possible that there is 2 or 3 topics?- just tired of the hate and debate.


I think everyone will agree that Manny "the sleaze" Reyes is a loud mouthed, delusional shit talking coward!!! I think that's putting it rather nicely.

noIs there one topic that almost Every forum member agrees on?

Terrorism sucks

On ESPN I watched some mulleted guys walk around in funny stances and assault perfectly good building materials while making wild-eyed looks and screaming (Also known as Karate Breaking World Championships).

I don't think that too many of the forum members would not chuckle at some of these guys (notice I said some...I am sure breaking stuff is hard.)

CroCop is a dangerous man.


1) Coleman and Takada was a work

2) Rickson isn't really a fighter

3) CroCop got KTFO

4) Ettish is a stud!

5) Couture is the man

I think the UG is 100% pro-Randy Couture...and 100% anti-Manny Reyes Jr. :)

I think we'd all agree that Id like to bang your wife BIC. :)

You're always a gentleman SlyB..

rickson exists

I think that everyone on the Underground would agree 100% that there is no topic everyone on the underground everyone will agree on 100 %.

How is that for a non answer

So it would appear that the only serious things that are possibly agreeable to everyone are non UG-related topics?

UFC 33 ruled.

I think we can all agree that Ken Shamrock has something to do...and Kimo is in his way.

We all agree to disagree.....

Everyone knows how to spell UFC.

Aikido doesnt work in the cage

Furey is a quack

Rickson by armbar.......... :-)