Any Tottenham results?

any news from the grappling and sport jj (stand up) tournament on Saturday?

what are you talking about?



looks around

are you serious? Tottenham On? Is there a club there?

There was a WKF ( world kabuto federation) tournament in tottenham on saturday. Sanctioned by the CJA.
Grappling and sport jj (stand up) divisions.

was darrel lafrance there?

Man...I lived in Tottenham, Ontario from the age of

A tournament in To me, it's like a hockey game in Brazil. I guess anything can happen.

I miss that stop light and all.

Joe you missed it dude! Some Bravado dudes were there.
It was cool to see some stand-up, take downs, sub
attempts, sort-of ground n pounds HERE IN ONTARIO. It
was pretend MMA can real MMA be far behind?

Yes Matt Darrel was there.

darrel lafrance was there and man the kids from his club are good grapplers, can't wait till they all become adults, its gonna help the grappling world ! ! !

As for a club in Tottenham its under WKF like Pooch said under Sensi Joe Hamilton.

The tournament was pretty small but not sure of many of the results.


Tottenham, Tottenham,

E-mail me when you get the

our guys went there mainly for the sport jj (wanted to try it out for fun. and had 2 1st place, 2 2nd place and 1 3rd place with 4 adults and 2 juniors. not bad. the grappling wasn't as busy because of the $30 per event. only 15-20 grappling competitors were there (mainly beginners). Felt bad for the borelands boys, they left after finding out there was no one really to fight,they left. Some of my guys didn't bother to fight.