Any training near gulf shores???

BJJ, no-gi anything?

My gym is in Mobile that is the closest thing. There are some karate people trying to do mma and bjj around there. Pcola has a couple of gyms.

go to portcitymm(bigmills plac). Worth the trip.

Mills should dojo storm those TMAers!

I would feel bad beating up a bunch of Karate nerds. It wouldn't be very much fun.

Here is an example of what goes on here. This guy has never had a fight and watches a bunch of UFC and thinks that makes him a pro fighter. 

 watch Karate Kid 1 and do a Kata on the beach in full gi with head band

Jonathan Ivey did pull off a crane kick last weekend against former UFC HW Champ Ricco available on main forum...seriously.

(checked out the website)...

If you click on the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu icon on the side, it gives you a form to fill out! Maybe they are looking for a teacher!!

jesus...that is pathetic.

logs on and applies

bigmills, does he really claim to be a pro fighter??