Any truth here?? (RE: CDN MA)



I call B*LLSH*T!!!

After speaking with Ken Hayashi, Mario Latraverse, Stephane Party, Joe Ferraro and a lawyer friend of mine who works for the gov't here's the way I understand what's going on:

- this thing Mike Miles is referring to is a discussio that was started ~5 years by the provincial employees who liason with amateur combative sport organizations.

- the way s83 is worded right now all combat sports aside from Boxing are illegal

- therefore, there exists an inherent contradiction when the provinces sanction these amateur and pro martial art events. 

- amateur sport delegates (ie. in the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation for Ontario for example) have been trying to get s83 reworded to alleviate this uncertainty.  Right now, s83 says that all prize fights are subject to summary conviction (which translates into a hefty fine).  These sport delegates want to reword it so that amateur martial art events that are sanction by provincial authorities are excluded from the definition of prize fighting.  In other words, all amateur martial arts would be perfectly legal as long as they were sanctioned by a provincial authority.

....that's's pretty simple really.  BUT, there is one concern that people may be overlooking.  It's been ~5 years and counting to get s83 changed.  If they reword it to only relate to amateur martial arts, it would probably leave professional martial arts in the cold.  In other words, don't expect to see pro MMA in Ontario until you're an old man.

We should be signing a petition (to the Senate I believe, not the House of Commons) that says we would like to see the provinces entrusted with the sanctioning authority for BOTH amateur and professional martial arts.



Well, I could get a lot of people to sign that, how shall we go about doing it and would it actually help?


it is all political bullshit IMO. Just be careful

For those who are interested in such things, the actual participants (fighters), promoters, aids, backers, refs, cornerpersons and reporters can all be found criminally responsible under s. 83.

"You know what bothers me the most (other than Mr. Miles) is the
that a whole lot of MPs (who for the record are out for the
until September, Chr*st Mike get your sh*t together and your facts
straight) will get these petitions and start to wonder if they
shouldn't in
fact make Martial Arts illegal."

Meettheground is absolutely correct.

We all want to see MMA grow but sometimes the status quo is
better than no MMA at all.
Let's not make this into a bigger issue than need be... it seems to
be a very local issue at the heart of this.
No need for a Royal Commission on the matter.