Any U Faggoons Had the FOUNDING BURGER?

I would some day enjoy a visit to this fine establishment:

and how about this place:

White Horse Tavern (Newport, Rhode Island)

The White Horse Tavern was constructed before 1673 and is believed to be the oldest tavern building in the United States------

see what happens when you’re a cockfaggit troll on here all the time

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Burger on toast? How tf did they survive since 1895 making ghetto burgers?

I didn’t realize who made the thread but what can you do?

There’s an old tavern in Charlestown mass i used to go to all the time. The warren tavern. George Washington and Paul revere ate there. I thought it might be the oldest of its kind but its not as old as the place op posted. Probably better food at the Warren though.

I didn’t see any green peppers in it…must be diced.

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