Any UCE'ers UFC Ready?

Do you see anyone in the local show that are UFC caliber?




No, not anywhere near it . . .not yet atleast.

I think Melendez is probably the closest. I already think he hits as hard as anyone at his weight class in the world. Talk about heavy hands. And he's shown that he can kick too. With decent wrestling, which he has, and a few higher profile wins and who knows.

Casey Uscola is super tough and probably the best overall athlete to ever compete locally but, sorry casey, has had some bumps in his career. I like Casey. He's just plain "good people." If he can refocus his game on the strongest elements in his toolchest then he's right there with anyone else on that level just below the UFC and with the right promotion he could make that jump.

Birddog has all the intensity and toughness he would need, and then some, but he also has a ways to go on the technical side to bring his game up to a level that will match the intensity he brings to a fight. Training with Horne is probably the best thing for him right now. I think Jeremy is bringing him along slowly, which is exactly the thing he should do, and building his career in a very intelligent manner.

Razor is one of my favorite fighters to watch. The guy is a stud and he's just plain good for the sport. His striking game is getting better and better and his ground game is coming along. Razor trains with a great coach in Rob Handley and I think Rob has the ability to help Razor go very far in the sport if Razor can be humble enough to listen and do the work.

The one thing that makes me nervous about Razor is also one of his strengths. The guy has a chin and a half. He can take one hell of a shot and because of that he doesn't worry that much about his striking defense. He sort of leads with his chin and throws tons and tons of power shots, which is exciting for the fans and an attribute that is widely loved by promoters. The problem with it is that while there aren't a ton of people who can chip away at Razzor's granite chin at the level he currently competes at, the guys with the sledgehammer fists are right around the corner and Razor needs to keep his hands up before he takes that next step. Right now, with the way he throws big looping punches from waist level, he's opening himself up to someone who throws simple straight punches with bad intention.

I also have to point out that Razor is the only fighter my 8-year old son knows and I REALLY appreciate how Razor has acted when my son has been around. There are some major @holes around this sport who are sure that the entire arena has showed up to worship them AND its nice to see someone like Razor who is really into this for the fans. Out of all of the local fighters Razor is easily one of the fighters I'd like to see succeed the most.

And don't forget Jake Paul. The kids young and even if he lost to BD (twice I think) he still has a ton of time to work on his game and in my opinion he's as athletic as just about anyone in MMA in Utah.

Dennis Davis has been fighting out of Utah for a while and is just plain dangerous. He's not that far away from a UFC shot, in my opinion.

The sleeper of the entire state might be Dave Anderton who easily has the wrestling/takedown skills and he's working on his Jiu-Jitsu. His striking . . . I really don't know, but the guy is an incredible athlete (the only person to pin Brock Lesnar in Collegiate Wrestling). I don't know how much time he has to train but if he gets that time then "Jom Jom" may just bust the UFC doors wide open.

The best athlete to EVER fight for the UFC is Brandon Ruiz. He's training with the USOC Greco program in Colorado. I honestly believe that, while his striking is on a rudimentary skill level at this time, he has what it takes to pillage the UFC Heavyweight division. Does he need to work on his striking, uhmmmm yes. Does he need to get a ton of matches so that he is more familiar with the cage? Of course. He also needs to spend some time training from his back because sooner or later someone at that level will put him there, unfortunately the number of people who can put him there are relatively limited so it will be difficult for him to find training partners that can do it.

I don't know, probably a little "pie in the sky" puffery here but there are some awesome fighters in the state.

I don't think we have any title contenders here yet, but I see a few of the names mentioned as being good enough to get a shot via TUF.

Title contenders? No. Better than many of the guys who HAVE made it on to TUF . . . yes. And with a supposed 26 shows a year (between the TUF finals shows, Ultimate Fight Night, regular UFC PPVs, and a reported HBO deal that is still in the works) the UFC will just plain need more people and guys like Dennis Davis, Kyacey Uscola, and Brandon Melendez are on a level that may be able to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the UFC's programming goals.

The UFC barely has any title contenders in the UFC. LOL.

Sheesh, not to mention the IFL, WFA, Strikeforce, ICON, etc shows that are trying to take a bite out of the UFC's pocketbook. The opportunities for good fighters are becoming relatively explosive right now.


Are you joking? In the spring I picked up a paper in Colorado that had an article on a local kid who had trained for 6 months. His first fight was agaist Birdsley and he won. If the guy cant beat first times with 6 months experience it is laughable to mention him for the big shows.

Am I joking? Do you know what question marks mean?


Was that fight in Colorado? I know BD has lost to Steve Sharp, Oliver Bradstreet (after cutting almost 20 pounds -- day of), and Mike Gates in Ametuer fights none of who were from Colorado. His professional loss went to Logan Handcock at Griffen Renault's XMMA show. Not sure where Logan came from but he fought as a pro and most beginners don't do that.

And if you actually read my post you might have noticed that did not say he was ready for a major show, I said "he [BirdDog] also has a ways to go on the technical side to bring his game up to a level that will match the intensity he brings to a fight" not to mention the fact that I answered Mullet's initial query with: "No, not anywhere near it . . . not yet atleast." And I stand by both statements.

I dont remember where the fight was. If you read my post you might have noticed I was responding to the original poster and not to your comments.

I did just remember they mentioned that birdsly's fans did some tactless thing, dont remember if it was throwing stuff at the kid or what exactly. I want to say it was in Utah but I really cant remember 100%

If you notice he was also asking questions not making statements which, since I was the only one making a statement, is why I was sure you were responding to me.

Birdsleys has a couple of serious thugs that follow him around like love sick puppy dogs and shouldn't be allowed in the arena. James (Birdsley) is a decent enough guy but his persona (Bird dog) seems to attract a few a-holes every now and then.

I know Steve Sharp, Bradstreet, and Gates are not from Colorado so that has to leave Handcock and if it was a pro fight (which is how its recorded) then I'm betting the paper either made some sort of mistake or he was sandbagging them a bit.

Perhaps the quotes around the part from his post should have clued you in.

Yes I know what question marks mean Even asking about a fighter at that levle is a joke you have seen him and seen guys in the UFC. Although with the Abidi being on this PPV I guess maybe it is not so laughable.

I will see if I can dig the guys name up.

Melendez soon I hope
Casey Uscola soon also
Razor need alot of work
bird dog - needs so much not for a while his tenacidy get him through alot but not near enough.
Burkman has done really well. He has grown so much since leaving UCE.

Melendez and Casey are a fight that needs to happen . . . again.

Brand Melendez hits as hard as ANYONE in the UFC and damn near anyone in PrideFC. When he connects it is just plain scary.

Casey is the best athlete to ever step foot in the UCE and IMHO, and I really like the guy, he makes the mistake of wanting to beat the other guy at their "game" and forgets to paly his own "game." He has all of the physical abilities to make it at the top level.

Birddog is an interesting, no make that a VERY interesting case. Watch the guy grapple, watch him shadow box, work a bag, do some sparring, or just wrestle, and he's just not very impressive. But holy sh*t! When he gets into the cage he brings it all together and is one of the mroe dangerous guys in the state. He ALWAYS puts on exciting fights. And with the amount of training he does I can really see his skills maturing . . . if he keeps moving forward like he has over the last two years then he has a future at the "next" level.

Birddog would be the perfect TUF pick, for his personality alone.