Any Upcoming/Down the Road Events?

Hello All,

I am looking to see if anyone knows of any up and coming or down the road events that will be taking place on the east coast??? (PA, NY, NJ, VA).

We have some fighters who would like to fight from beginner to advanced. Any help would be very greatful.

Thanks in advanced,

PS. If you are a fight promoter or have any info please email me directly at so we can discuss more in detail.

David Bokman

July 24th, ETC (Extreme Thaiboxing Challenge) in New York. USKBA-sanctioned event. Check for details.

August 7th, King of the Ring X in Virginia Beach, VA. WKA-sanctioned event. Check for details.

Couple more in the NYC area:

September 4-6 USKBA Tournament in Elizabeth, NJ

September 13 (I believe)
Five Points muay Thai promotion in NYC
Kru Steve Milles for information

November 11 (tentative date from WKA Nationals program)
USA versus Canada!!!
WKA North American Championships

Thanks guys, who would I need to speak to in order to get our guys involved??? Or is it too late already?

Thanks for all the help.

David Bokman

David, for the July 24th event, contact Extreme Lacosta. He is still looking for fighters when I talked to him a few days ago.

And for the August 7th King of the Ring event, contact William Varner. I'm sure he doesn't have all of his fights filled yet.

Email me and I will send you both promoters contact info....

Brooks (Khun Kao)

you have mail....


We are located in northern liberties in philadelphia. You can check out our website at, (it's not fully up yet but there is plenty of info.) If you have any questions for me please feel free to email me at


David Bokman
Body Arts

IKF nationals in August in FL

USKBA nationals in NJ in Sept