any update on Randy's surgery?

? in a few minutes...just got off the phone with Couture



Just read on Fcfighter that he had a couple of stitches and he's recuperating with the wife and kids. He's looking to start training in two weeks, and hopes to fight again around June or so.

Thank God.


awesome, can't wait to see that war!!!



here's hoping for a full and speedy recovery by Randy Couture.

still #1

Sunday - February 1, 2004 He's Okay: Couture Checks in With FCF By Loretta Hunt

From Las Vegas this afternoon, recently unseated light-heavyweight champion Randy Couture called into FCF to let everyone know that he's okay.

In a slightly somber tone, Couture says his injury last night at UFC 46 was caused by a seam on the outside of the commission issued gloves that grazed his left eye. (Couture says he didn't feel any impact from the actual punch).

The damage required three stitches to his lower eyelid and five to his upper lid. Couture says there was also some retinal abrasion, as well as some irregularity with his pupil dilation that he was given eye drops for. Patched up and back in his Mandalay Bay hotel room, Couture says he has been resting with his wife and family members.

On the positive side, Couture was told all his optical maladies are expected to heal completely and with his stitches out in a few days, "the Natural" hopes to be back to training in less than two weeks.

According to Couture, Zuffa has already started discussing the inevitable rematch with newly crowned champion Vitor Belfort and he let the promotion know that he'll be ready to fight again as early as April (although he realistically anticipates a June date at the earliest.)

FCF wishes Couture, as well as the other injured UFC 46 participants, the speediest of recoveries.


TTT for the Natural


Godspeed, Randy!

good news

speedy recovery to couture.

thank god the eye is the fastest healing organ in the body.


Good news . Hope Vitors sister will be found ok .

Great news!

April, the first ever triple main event?

Tito-Chuck grudge match

Sylvia-Arlovski HW title match

Vitor-Randy III 205 title match


Buttfish, apparently that was all bullshit.

great news