Any updates if it will be 3 or 5 rounds sat night

Has anybody confirmed how many rounds the penn vs Diaz fight will be? Diaz wants it, bj wants more money. Does this lack of news on the subject mean they're negotiating or does it mean they're just trying to get people to forget about it. If I were to guess I'd say 3 rounds, seems too late to start renegotiating contracts. Phone Post


I heard it was ladders and tables Phone Post

There's no way they could change it on such short notice. The amount of bets that have been placed in Vegas already would all go out the door if they were to change it at this point. Too much money for Vegas to lose out on = not happening unfortunately. Phone Post

They could have made it 5.

 also i assume they signed contracts for 3 rounds long ago, so its prettymuch etched in stone