Any upstate ny college bjj???

Anyone go to school in upstate NY or know of any schools in the area that have bjj available or a school in the area?

what college are you attending and in what part of ny. also whats your grappling experince and rank age etc....

Im probably going to be attending Oneonta. Im 21 been grappling for almost 2 years and im a blue belt under Milton Regis bb. Why is that relevant? Just askin

Check out for more info

Thanks for the link Stephan I couldnt find anything in that immediate area. But Ill keep looking around hopefully they got something going at the school already.

How far are you from Buffalo!! We have a bb 30 minutes from Buffalo!! Price is very reasonable for unlimited classes!!!


there is tai kai machado in syracuse.

i thnk a royce gracie affiliate in albany?

makutapwitbjj, the closest is Albany or Saratoga Springs. As mentioned, there is a Royce Gracie affiliate, I think his name is Gary Govel. In Saratoga Springs, I believe there is a Renzo Gracie affiliate, Chad? something.

- Kyle

Albany is far away, but if you go throught there check out Victory Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, it is run by Victor Mcleod a brown belt under maguilla. His number is (518) 573 1144

Thanks a lot guys I for some reason think that all these places are too north. I know albany would be. I honestly dont even know where the school is located just thought thats its a pretty big school there might be someone who posted on here that attends or has previously attended. Thanks for the input though.

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1000+ sq. feet of matspace, bunch of blues and purple, striking classes offered as well. lots of wrestling experience. albany area.

The Albany Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Network Chapter disbanded several months ago when the school that housed us closed.

Most recently, the remnants of our group have been training with Empire's (Kostas) group, resulting in a pretty good sized group, with positive attitudes, and a variety of sizes and styles to train with. You would definitely benefit from the experience. Albany is approximately an hour from Oneonta if you can ever make the trip.

In Saratoga, Kyle is referring to Ricardo Almeida Brown Belt Chad Beatty. I also recommend training with Chad. However, the trip from Oneonta to Saratoga Springs would probably come close to two hours one way.

Good Luck.

word up.

and we offer standup classes geared towards mma and street.