Any US Open Updates?


pool sheets with results of the morning action are up at

Pool sheets are for all divisions.

The divisions that fought today are Women's 44kg,63kg,70kg,78kg +78kg Men's divisions are 55kg 81kg 90kg 100kg +100kg

I will say that the event has been pretty good so far. Very tough on the
referees though and from what i have seen the refereeing is doing very
well. We had to be on the bus today at 6:15 am in order to be there on
time - folks are tired and did a great job.

Major props to Travis Stevens for winning his first US Open - Brawler
looked great all day and it made for a great final. We referees were saying
to ourselves that this will now be a great next two years. Rick Hawn is still
lingering, but now Travis and Brawler can bring something that US judo
has needed for a while - EXCITEMENT.



Part time mma.tver Chuck Jefferson is in the finals of the 73kg division.

His first match was against Canada's #1 player Nick Tritton. Jefferson kicked the shitton out of Tritton.

He beat Reser to get to the finals where he'll face Bobby Lee.

Its Matsumoto vs. Rodriguez in the finals for 48kg

Its Gotay vs Malloy in the finals for 57kg

American results in gold medal matches.

Ronnie Talledo placed second in 60kg

Justin Flores placed second in 66kg

Bobby Lee won the 73kg division. Chuck Jefferson placed second.

Jeannette Rodriguez beat Sayaka Matsumoto in 48kg

Valerie Gotay won the 57kg. Marti Malloy placed second.

Holy crap!!!!

Bobby beat Jefferson to win the whole event? That is insane. I hoped that he would be in the hunt for #1 at his weight, but that is nuts. Good job to ALL the US athletes who fought.


What impresses me is that this was Chuck's first tournament in more than 2 years and he made the final beating the top 2 North American players in the division (Tritton and Reser).

It makes no difference to me if Chuck won in the final or not, he absolutley proved his salt by stamping his name down as the only guy who can put those 2 down. I am sure that you wont see Lee beating Jefferson again, and seeing Chuck play Depopolo will be interesting as well.

Chuck Jefferson is 30+ years old and Bobby is 18 years old. If you are saying that chuck Jefferson will beat Bobby the next time they fight, I might agree with you.

If you are saying that Jefferson will beat Bobby for a spot on the 2008 US Oylmpic team, I disagree.


resdick ur san jose jock riding is sickening, jefferson got beaten by a risng star who is only goin to get better, let him have his time, quit living off others

I agree with Josh, 'CJ' will beat 'BL'. Chuck is just coming back and has some rust that will be rubbed away over time.

This same scenario happened at the 2003 US Open Finals with Chuck Jefferson and Jimmy Pedro.

Looking forward to the next 2 years.

Men's 60kg--Best 2 American finishes were by judokas who were 18 or under. Not counting Ronnie Talledo yet, because of citizenry. But I think he is under 20 also.

Men's 66kg--Kenny Hashimoto is 20 and placed 3rd. He beat Taylor Taketa.

Men's 73kg--Bobby Lee won at the age of 18

Men's 81kg--Travis Stevens won the division and is 20

Men's 90kg--Best American finish is Gary St. Leger who I believe is 20 or 21

Women's 48kg--Winner Jeannette Rodriguez is 16

Women's 57kg--Marti Malloy placed 2nd and is 20

Women's 63kg--Ronda Rousey is 19

I'm not sure about 2008, but 2012 looks pretty damn promising to me. All the above seem to be in it for the long haul. Even better, we don't know who is going to rise through the ranks over the next few years to challenge these people.

With Jefferson back, the 73kg got alot more interesting. I still think Reser is the man to beat because he's won at the A-level this year. Bobby and Nick have the most upside, but Trials are 18-20 months away. My heart is with Jefferson on this one. Hoping for a Jimmy Pedro type comeback for Chuck.

73kg and 81kg will be very interesting over the next 2 years.

yea, Hornato, I am all about SJSU. lets see, maybe becuase i am alumni.. maybe becuase Chuck is one of my very best friends.. maybe becuase well, hmph, i simply see things for what they are...

a guy who hasnt fought in 2.5 years came back with only 2, maybe 2.5, months of training and beat two guys who were ranked top-5 in the world the last 2 years. so what if he had a bit of a stumble in the final, he had already proven to everybody, and himself, that he is more than capable of doing some very serious damage. thats what matters here.

further, i take nothing away from Lee, he is obviously damn good, hard working and talented. and not one damn thing that i said was at all insulting to him in any manner whatsoever. you need to learn to read ENGLISH.

next time you wanna open your damn trap about me, i suggest you make sure that you have a clue as to WTF you are talking about.

"73kg and 81kg will be very interesting over the next 2 years."

I agree. Also, 66kg with Takata, Hashimoto, Flores, Taraje and Torra. On any given Sunday, anything can happen in that division.

lol, this forum is always entertaining

how did the Reser vs. Jefferson match go?

Jefferson is Moving On Up. 

This would be a good time to re-post John Serbin's Jefferson pic. Are you there John or does anyone else have it?



listen up HON

I love CJ as much as Resnick but I truly love watching thi sBL fight as
well. He is young and scared of little. Now, whether CJ didn't open up
with the correct game plan or whatever - the fact that he made a
comeback is a wonder in and of itself. BL is a great kid - had a huge
advantage that I don't know if CJ took into account. He had the home
crowd and the enthusiasm of a young guy excited about beingin the
finals. One of two things was going to happen. He would either fall
over from fear or he would fight like a caged tiger. He did the later. CJ
got down by a Koka early and was biding his time to get a big throw
waiting for the energy in BL to wain - it didn't. At the end it was just a
10 sec to go attack that caught CJ for ippon.

All I know is that I can not wait to see the trials in Vegas.