Any vid of Manhoef vs. Yoon Dong?

I was at the fight tonite and wow, absolutely the best fight of the nite. showroom conditino of an armbar if ive ever seen one.

Thanks bro

Manhoef brings the intensity. Damn.

It's like someone winds him up before each match and releases him into the ring.

And Yoon looked like he was working out some rage from the ridiculous match-ups he's had so far.

Good fight. One thing I like about Manhoef is that he comes to fight, not circle and jab for five minutes.

the armbar

melvin dancing before they fought

That fight would have ended much sooner if Manhoef hadn't constantly held the ropes.

hoy rope grab

nice fight !!!


thats a big crowd!

WTF was with the ref completely ignoring the rope grabbing?

that was a great fight--both guys brought their A games.

Manhoef has been in the sport for 8 years probably longer. His ground game is not gonna get any better. Some people just dont have what it takes to grapple some just dont have the striking. Very few have it all. But lol of people who always think that if a fighter just worked on that weakness more they would become better. I say that because every fighter knows his weakness and they work on it.


^^ looking at fight finder and then assuming you know shit can backfire. For example Melvin barely trained any grappling the first few years of his career. He was fighting in the 2 hot to handle/showtime promotions that would stand fights up in like 30 seconds even in the mount so not like it mattered. He only recently started training with American Top Team

And they all think he has potential. But what do they know compared to an internet expert like yourself

One thing Manhoef is gonna have trouble with if he jumps to the UFC is he's almost always going to be at a disadvantage when it comes to wrestling, and getting top position when the fight goes to the ground. That's one of the big weaknesses of many of the Euro fighters coming in (Soviet/ Eastern Bloc guys excluded), no widespread organized wrestling.