Any Video of Barnett Fight??

HI all, i'm a fan of Josh's having known the guy, back when my lazy ass actually went to the gym.

I know he fought and won this weekend is there any video of it somewhere?


About to watch it now. Just watched Goodridge vs Predator. Goodridge looked aweful up until the KO.

ive got it on my home computer. i can send it to you through aol messenger if you have it.

I have MSN messenger is my screenname


bit torrent. Josh looked real good in his win. Bigtime killer instinct.

I don't suppose Josh's fight against Kondo is on bit torrent. I've been wanting to see that fight for a long time.

What bit torrent site has the BT link?

Thanks in advance for all your help.


TTT for a site address please!!

slieone, i can help you out when i get back to my home computer.

i got it but its some fucked up extension like .mkv or some shit.

i tried it in several players but none will play it, even BS player.

yeah, I went to a torrent site but I have no idea what it really is or how to dl or anything

"How Do I Use Bit Torrents"

see link!

to play .mkv you will need the Matroska Packs