Any way to host a website w/ NAT?

My isp puts me behind a NAT (network address translation) i was wondering if there is anyway to host webpages to the internet from my computer

i'm not really looking for anything fancy i'm not going to register a name just wondering if i can do this based on IP addresses

BTW i want to use MS IIS on win 2k pro

I don't know of a way, honestly, unless you get the ISP to punch a few ports though the NAT'ing or they're running some kind of atypical NAT.

that's assuming your ISP has you behind a NAT.

if you have a real but dynamic IP but your webserver is behind a NAT box sharing the IP, then you can just port forward incoming on port 80 to the webserver box. use or for Dynamic DNS name resolution.

you might be able to get a buddy with a real IP to forward web site requests over a port forwarded keepalived tunnel (a la stunnel or SSH with encryption off and compression on) from his site to yours....

but at that point, you might as well host the web server at his place.

i only have one machine and its behind a NAT since my IP starts with a non externally routable 10.x.x.x

using a friend's machine sounds more like a pain in the ass than its worth

im taking 2 diffent classes at my university one on database and the other on so i wanted to play around with with mysql and use it for projects and such

but i want to be able access it away from home

you're pretty much fucked, unless you have a buddy at the ISP or you're gonna take over the NAT box (not advised).

the cheapest decent solution will probably be getting a web publishing account at some hosting provider, if you want to publish stuff.

that, or giving a old machine with IIS on it to one of your buddies with a real IP and adminstrating it remotely.

or maybe I am totally off- wait and see if people agree with me. I am kinda tired.

but as far as I know, NAT's only allow outbound connections, not inbound. They work like a "firewall" that way.

of course, some NAT's have flaws, and you may be able to get around this general restriction, but doing so will not endear you with your ISP if they find out.

you can get an account for $20.00 that will do ASP.Net... dunno how many providers match ASP.Net and MySQL...

i thought maybe inbound connections can connect to a certain port on the nat box that would be fowarded to my port 80 somehow

yes, they could, but only if your ISP lets you.

if you aren't paying for business class service, your ISP is not interested AT ALL in letting you run a webserver, most likely.

in fact, there are most likely terms in your contract that prevent you from doing so.

most ISP's will turn a blind eye to you doing it, provided you don't use too much bandwidth...

but they aren't gonna help your ass out, unless you have a really cool ISP.

my ISP is crap

network's almost always slow they dont respond to emails

installation was very late

i guess im SOL unless someone else figures a clever way.

since im a poor student this ISP was the cheapest since i wont be tied down with a year contract instead i'm paying only for ~8 months

You can only do a PAT if you have a real IP coming to the external
interface of your router/firewall - you would PAT port 80 traffic
coming to your real IP x.x.x.x external interface to the internal
NAT IP server 10.x.x.x. If the NAT is being done from the ISP,
you're shit out of luck.

NAT probably means no port 80 anyway nevermind the fact that you have a private IP with nothing routing to from a public IP and you probably don't own a public IP to route from in the first place. Pay the extra 10 bucks for a public IP if that option is available.