any word on Frank Mir?

I know he went into a bad downward spiral after getting a severe beating from cock chestner..

But were did he go and what has he been doing?

He then got a severe beating from shane carwin.. Pretty sure that's what hes been doing

 Frank MUR is in hiding.

But I think he wants to fight Anderson Silva.


"Glass Jaw" Mir needs to try a non-contact sport.

Glass jaw my ass. Did you see the shots he was taking in that second fight with Lesnar? He may not be the best heavyweight out there, but that dude can take a punch.

Fedor steals souls?

Naw, Mr. Shane Carwin steals souls.

When Shane touched Gonzaga, he actually got knocked into purgatory. You think that was the real Gabe versus JDS? I say nay.

When Brock destroyed Mir, he became the most motivated individual on the planet.

When Shane played pattycake on Mir's face, everyone yelled suicide watch...

Just sayin.

Not to take anything from Ian Freeman but he was tiny compared to Frank when he beat him like a rented Grand Canyon mule.

He's not my favourite fighter either but he has earned more respect than this bullshit.

Hired Gun - "Glass Jaw" Mir needs to try a non-contact sport.

That's so out of line.

If you think Mir's problem is his chin you should probably hang yourself

Hired Gun - "Glass Jaw" Mir needs to try a non-contact sport.

Not sure if you're realizing it or not, but you've basically just called those hellacious bludgeonings by one Mr. Carwin as "sissy punches" since Mir and his "glass jaw" fell prey to them and their lack of power....

Thought I heard bout a re match with nog or r nelson as next fight. Nothing 4 a while

any serious answers besides ^

 Carwin and Lesnar beat the shit out of his face.  Not need to exaggerate his flaws unless your argument is weak in the first place.

One of my favorite UFC moments was watching Big Wes stomp on his head.

I think he's still watching Toy Story in his head like he was during the Carwin fight.

He looked about as lucid as Filho.

 Mir vs Nogueira 2 is in the works.

I used to really like Mir, then when came back from his motorcycle wreck and looked so shitty I really felt bad for him. Then he got that half ass knee bar on Brock and beat Nog, and his head was about to explode being soo full of himself. He needs to learn to be more humble.