any word on Frank Mir?

Hired Gun - "Glass Jaw" Mir needs to try a non-contact sport.

LOL at Mir having a glass jaw.

He just needs to learn how to block or avoid a punch, instead of calmly eating 15+ of them before attempting anything.

Frank Mir is currently sitting in a dark room poking holes in a Brock Lesnar voodoo doll muttering "Brock brock brock...." under his breath.

 Mir is trying to figure out if he needs to add 20 lbs of muscle or lose 20lbs or learn kicks or train wrestling, or bring in a boxing coach or a nutritionist, or start taking yoga.

He is thinking a lot im sure.

franky boy is ducking big nog

toknari - franky boy is ducking big nog

 Franky boy put a beating on big nog and he'd do it again.

needs to fight someone he can outwrestle

SpennyBenny - Fedor steals souls?

Naw, Mr. Shane Carwin steals souls.

When Shane touched Gonzaga, he actually got knocked into purgatory. You think that was the real Gabe versus JDS? I say nay.

When Brock destroyed Mir, he became the most motivated individual on the planet.

When Shane played pattycake on Mir's face, everyone yelled suicide watch...

Just sayin.

Bunch of horsesh!t.....Carwin didn't steal Gonzaga's soul. Gonzaga actually looked alot worse in earlier fights w/ Randy and Werdum....shit, Carwin nearly got his sh!t pushed in in that fight, he got very lucky not to get KO'd.

Fedor would light up the increibly SLOW and hands down Carwin so fast on the feet it wouldn't even be funny.

Carwin STRUGGLED w/ Mir and couldn't take him down. After the fight Frank Mir was actually in very good spirits and didn't seem bitter at all....nice try.

Sounds like he dropping to 205 then. Hmmmmm think he will do well there!!

I can't get past Cock Chestnar LMFAO.

wipes tear

Aw man.

^^ I know ^^

I doubt jenna j. ever had a cock that big on her chest!

So the point of this thread is... Fedor would beat Carwin with ease due to Carwin's "difficulty" with Mir...

So Brett Rogers is obviously a MUCH better fighter than Mir or Carwin.

If Carwin beats Lesnar, than we can clearly define Rodgers as better than the entire UFC heavyweight division.


lol @ calling him a glass jaw. You guys are idiots, all the time.

If you are insinuating that getting ko'ed by carwin and bludgeoned by Lesnar is having a glass jaw, you are a retard

he training for BullyBeatdown with Mayhem Miller

He is talking about dropping down to LHW, I am not sure these loses have done great things for his mental state.

Suicide watch.