Any word on Tito's training?

Where He's training at & who's in his camp. Be interesting to know who he's got up there with him, Machida aint no joke. Old Tito better be trainin Haaaaard

inf0 - Tito's in for a rude awakening.

The overhyped Machida is in for a rude awakening

 lyoto is improving every fight now, tito if anything is going downhill

Tiot Is very Good and strong Fighter he have Good puncing

as much as i dislike machida tito seems to not be in to the fight game anymore. his head is elsewhere and i think hes gonna fuckl this fight up. its his to win and i think the "old" tito takes this hands down but if he comes in not in shape like he's been living a dream life and not hungry which i suspect is the case, machida will win a dec.

 If nothing else, I think Ortiz is always hungry

Tito's biggest problem is injuries... period.The guy is one of the hardest training fighters out there and paved the way for MMA fighters doing High Altitude training.

Nobody knows what Machida's takedown defense is and he hasn't faced a Wrestler like Tito.Tito does have pretty decent standup and defense.People act like Machida is some KO machine which he is not.Other than teh Franklin KO years ago all of his fights have gone to decision

good point hot tomato

Furthermore this fight soley depends on if Tito is injury free.If so he takes Machida imo..If not it will end up like the Forrest Griffin fight with Tito dominating the first round then 2 rounds of Machida doing a bit better on standup and eeking a decision.

I am going with Tito on this one.

inf0 - 

Tito's in for a rude awakening.



 they splashing him with water to wake him up?