Any WoW accounts 4 sale?

anyone have a wow account for sale with a character on Frostwolf? I would like to play with some OG guys but really don't want to have to start at lvl 1 again.

The account doesnt even need to be lvl 60. If anyone of you guys wants to sell your account or wants to hand it off for awhile let me know. Navin handed me his account for awhile and had no problems with me.


i might hand mine over to you for a bit...lvl 43 undead rogue. has some nice gear including epic gloves, mostly blue stuff, dual fiery enchants, mount, etc. and like 35g in the bank.

ill think about it over the next few days.

awesome, i was actually looking for a rogue but couldnt find one. if you do decide to let me use him for a bit cool, if not thats okay too.

You all think "borrowing" a character is gonna work out in the long run?

Man, just start one. Leveling is much faster the second time around.

i dont really want to get sucked in though. if someone else wants to play or take it back it wont bother me.

its cool Navin. I have exams this week and then im done with school. i shoot you an email soon.

I think I might do that if you dont mind steve. I'm really looking forward to ganking some alliance bitches.

I never sold anything Navin had. I know the extents people go through to pimp the character out, so I wont sell anything just becasue of a couple stat points difference.

Also, I problaby wont buy anything on auction house unless its a good deal and can make you some extra cash.

I sent you an email steve but it got sent back. my email is

yeah, i just noticed the www

will do

probably because i'm going to sell the account before you get back from your golf trip....Im just kidding by the way

that is true. however that doesnt affect the account at all. you dont pay per character luckily

Kimbo needs his bread

lol @ spamming kimbo characters all over wow

its all about getting that name. once one character on the server has it, no one else can take it. I was doing Navin a favor....I just didnt know what server he wanted his new character on