Any XKK results yet?

Anyone back from the show or heard anything yet?



ttt for more results.

My buddy Devon took his first fight ever on 5 hours notice and lost by choke to Britt? I think is his name. Wish to hell I could have been there.

on a side note.. from what i know, tim gorman was SUPPOSED to fight, but didnt, and no showed.. however he was right in front of me in the audiance.. shitty IMO "

That maybe have been who my buddy devon stepped up to fight for. I am proud of him for jumping in there. Said even though he lost he liked the experience.

tim was supposed to fight me. from what I was told he wasn't going to be there so I was a judge instead. from what I'm told tim and I will be fighting in may at the next show. but I am not holding my breath. this is the third show in a row where my fighter didn't show. and just so you know I never blame a promoter for a fighter not showing. Nick and Jeff are the best in the buisness. I love there shows and will always be there if they need me.

Demi's opponient's name was Dax Mcmilian and it was his 2nd fight (1st in 5 years) Dax is an animal and I was really impressed with both guys showing up in shape and fighting so fking hard. I've seen Demi before and I knew it was going to be a tough fight. Dax is the best wrestler I've ever trainned with period and he is good at jiujitsu as well. As he gets more experience he will be really hard to beat. Demi Deeds is a serious badass to not only survive Dax but to turn it up in the third and create the cut. Great fight I can't wait to see on tape.

This is what I can remember if anyone else can fill in the missing pieces.
Josh Neer vs Derrick Noble - Neer Rd 1 by triangle

Victor Moreno vs Derryck Rippley- Moreno Rd 1

Demi Deeds vs Dax McMillan - Deeds Rd. 3: doc stoppage due to cut

Jeremy Stevens vs Sharome Blanchard - Stevens Rd 1

Cory Simpson vs Ed Zahn - Simpson Rd 1

Chris Mickle vs Joe Mabin - draw

Troy Cline vs Nwandu Bell - Cline Rd 1

Billy "the kid" Armstrong wins in Rd 1 by kimura. Cant remember the name of his opponent though.

Ronnie Britt v Devon someone - Britt Rd 1 by strikes from sidemount

Mike VanMeer v cant remember - Van Meer Rd 1 by knee to the face

Yeah, forgot about Rev. His pro debut and he did awesome. Pro debut for Billy the kid who tore it up as well. What's Anthony puttin' in the water over there at the DSM MMA Acadamey?!

I heard from someone who spoke to Tim Gorman late this week and he was 'never' asked to fight, so he was not training. He was indeed at the fights so there is no telling what the real story is. I sure wish people could get facts on why Kelly from Minnesota did not show up. From people who have trained with her, she is the best thing since sliced bread. But I have only heard of several fights that she has either declined or no showed. Sounds like she has a major case of sand in her cl_t!


I was so pissed that I didn't get to see the girlfight! I love girl fights and was so excited to see AJ in action. I dunno about Kelly having sand in her cl*t, but I sure would like to know what happened. Ron, were u there last night? Didn't see ya. It's been awhile.


devon was real game, he stood toe to toe with me and we banged. the kid has balls and i appreciate him taking the fight on such short notice. if it hadnt been for him, i wouldnt have had a fight. and that would have sucked. i am pretty sore today, i think he kneed me in the thigh and i didnt feel it till later, holy cow it hurts. he also got a good knee to my face, surprised the hell out of me. he was a class act and it was an honor to fight him. he could have a bright future, hopefully he will get a shot in the next xkk and will have time to prepare. i will be rooting for him.

from what i saw it wasn't the ref that stopped it. the fight was happening right in front of the doctor and jeff yelled in the ring for the ref to stop it.

Hey WarFrog this is devons friend stephen i was at the fight with him. just wanted to say it was a good fight and it helps when both guys are class acts makes for a good show. also gives mma a good name.


wanted to say thanks to the promoters for giving me a shot to fight...sorry i didn't make it more exciting, rookie butterflies i guess...ronnie was a class act! Down to earth modest man, the kind the sport needs, I know i'm relatively new, only year and a half of training, but love the sport and want a chance to fight again. Warfrog my nose is swollen and still getting blood out of it, that was from the knee on the ground, few bruises on the face, the normal. Hope to meet you again ttt for all the fighters and fans there.
Long Live MMA!!!

Chappie wtf are you talking about... did you even see the cut ? The stop came from the fucking doctor... The cut was prolly an inch and a half long and went through like 3 layers of tissue... it was a good stop...

Thank you to all the fighters and fans! I think everyone that fought put on one Hell of a show. On a side note- Dax McMillan is one of the baddest fighters out there for just having his SECOND fight! Promoters- get this man on your card at 185!!!!!

i still cant believe it was some of the guys on that card first or second fight. everyone fought like pros! looks like when i get back into training im gonna have to step it up dramatically. cardio coming first :)

and hopefull whoever gets picked to fight joe mcburney will actually be able to show up and fight on time with no confusion. joe's standup and ground have improved greatly and joe needs someone of equal talent to test him. he has been itching for it.

ill say it again for the tenth time in two days....GREAT FUCKING SHOW!

they better have the dvd ready at the next show!!!!