Any XKK results yet?

Sirquack - Kelly was never - never asked to fight on this show. I have no idea what you are talking about even. Where did you get the idea that she was?

Great show, Halverson. Next time, however, I'd have Warfrog fight first so he has time to mingle with the 500 fans of his after his fight. Fighting 3rd just doesn't give him enough time.

Warfrog, you scared me a little. You had that "Badger" look in your face. Maybe you shouldn't hang out with Danny Anderson any more. Great job out of you on your 40th B-day.

Dax/Deeds was one great fight. The belly-to-back suplex was a bigger throw than Severn throwing "Mad Dog" around in UFC 5 or whatever it was. Huge throw. My brother & I decided Dax looks & reminded us of a mini-Coleman. That's a compliment. He has a great shot from any angle it seemed. Looking forward to seeing more of this guy. Deeds impressed me with the gas he still had in the tank after being beaten on in Round 1. Great fight.

Congrats to my boy Mikey Van Meer as well. Coming out to "Real American" & then giving the old Hulk Hogan ear wave was fucking hilarious. Mikey goes 3-0 on the weekend.

Great show to all involved & most importantly all the fighters.

If sirquack is talking about Kelly Kobald, I don't remember seeing her name in the thread where it gave the rundown of the fights that were going to happen. I remember it did say a women's fight was scheduled, but Kelly wasn't one of the fighters named...

Mike- It was a different "Kelly". The fighter was Kellu Wensel from Iowa- not your Kelly! But, speaking of Kelly K, hope all is well. Take care.

Jake what i meant by that is it wasn't the ref that stopped it the fight was happening right in front of the doctor and the doctor saw the cut and had jeff tell the ref to stop the fight. that is all i said which i think is correct? but pull ur thong out of ur ass.

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Thanks Mike

My misunderstanding. I thought I saw Kelly K listed on the card at one point. Sorry for the confusion. I still would like to see her fight at some point.


Thanks for clearing that up -
I'm sure Sirquack will be on here soon to appologize.

Mike, do you have any details on any upcoming fights for Kelly? According to Caleb who has trained with us in the past, she is definitely going places. I just have not had any chance to see her fight in person. Des Moines is not too far away from MN.
Post details if there is anything coming up soon.


hawkeye, i admit danny did get me 'motivated', he is an awesome corner man. and actually john was nice enough to have me pencilled in for the 1st fight so i could sit back and enjoy the rest of the card. i asked him to change it to 3rd and he was kind enough to oblige. if i missed out schmoozing with any of the millions....and millions of frogmaniacs, i apologize.

I was there on Saturday with the wife and the Des Moines Jiu Jitsu crowd. I guess I had missed you since I was sitting in the cheap seats. I would have loved to introduce you to my wife.
It has been awhile for sure. Maybe we can talk at the next fight.


The doc had looked at me and stopped the fight before Jeff even made it to the ring... he looked at Dax for around 10 seconds before he said it was over... but motioned a few times afterwards to everyone around the ring...

"Chris Mickles Fight was good as well, But man did Joe Mabin get screwed with the Draw... That is the second time he went full throtle and walked away with a draw"
I was a judge and I can tell you if ya want to here. chris won the first round hands down.10 to chris 9 to joe. the second didn't have alot of action chris got some take downs dominated position and had joe on the defencive for almost the whole round. untill the very end with like ten seconds left joe reversed the mount into the gaurd and landed a couple shots. not even close to enough to win that round.chris10 joe 9. the third was all joe he won that round no question. but not enough to get a 10-8 because chris was still trying takedowns and being aggressive. so on a ten point must system chris one that fight. 10-9 10-9 9-10

had this been pride I would have givin joe the decision based on the amount of damage in the last round. joe was lucky to get the draw. one judge to chris,one to joe, one called it a draw. so it was a good decision.

WOW there was some really great fights. Des Moines really kicks ass. Everybody is so cool there. I couldn't believe all the people that came up to me and said they were so happy that we were back. They weren't the only ones, we really look forward to this show because of the fans. We really try to go all out there. It really makes us feel good to know we are doing good, Thanks.

Just a few comments on a couple fights. I shouldn't be saying this as the promotor but I never do follow all the rules!! I felt Mabin was robbed. Enough said.
My comment about the doctor stoppage is this. I don't look at the position of the fight of when to stop it. I look at it from fighter safety. The doctor is in the position to have it stopped at any point. We are following Iowa State Athletic Commision rules. The ref warned the doc to watch closely around 30 seconds before stoppage. It is not worth losing our license and I am sure it is not worth anybody's eyesight either or worse. It was one of the nastiest cuts I have seen in a fight. Dax is a fucking stud. He did not want to quit.

Thanks to all the fighters and fans you guys Rock!
Thanks, JP 651-248-9516


"...ronnie was a class act! Down to earth modest man, the kind the sport needs, I know i'm relatively new, only year and a half of training, but love the sport and want a chance to fight again. Warfrog my nose is swollen and still getting blood out of it, that was from the knee on the ground, few bruises on the face, the normal. Hope to meet you again "

THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS SPORT!! Only in this great sport can two people kick the shit out of each other and still be considered "class acts" which both warfrog and devon are! God Bless MMA!!!!

Foxfire, I was there on Saturday with the wife and the Des Moines Jiu Jitsu crowd. I guess I had missed you since I was sitting in the cheap seats. I would have loved to introduce you to my wife. It has been awhile for sure. Maybe we can talk at the next fight.

***Can't believe I missed ya. Haven't seen ya around since the ol' Toad days, which I hear are coming back. Will definitely have to find ya at the next kick ass show in May!

I know AJ was very dissaponted that neither of her proposed opponents showed (one was Kelly W. and Shayna from SD was another, one was supposed to be a backup) She had trained super hard and was really looking forward to this fight.

She did attend anyway and had lots of great things to say about the promotion and the fights that night!

Question: Is XKK being sold or changing hands?