Any1 able to get UFC 50 2day?

Just wondering. I got crap going on 2nite and was hoping some mainstream retail stores had it out already.

I know the release date is tomorrow. I just wanna watch it now..DAMMIT! ha.

What are you talking about? Being in Tasmania, the hole of holes, I won't get mine for like, a week and a half :(

I didn't know their was such a place as Tazmanian? Sounfs like a hoot. ha. At least you have internet access.

Well it's "Tasmania" (sorry, made a typo up there), it's an island off the bottom of Australia, and NO, TASMANIAN DEVILS DON'T SPIN AROUND REALLY FAST :P They do exist though, and they eat anything.

I got mine on Friday :)

where at?

Pre-ordered from sherdog :)

no crap? I thought they didn't ship until the official release. nice

Blockbuster often puts their movies out on Monday evening instead of Tuesday.  I heard this was illegal and they could get fined, but maybe they got a deal going.  Anyways, it's usually just the big movies so I doubt they would put the UFC there early.  Don't worry, tomorrow is coming soon!

Well unless the DVD isn't in there and they sent me just the case, then yeah I got it :)

Even got a snazzy TUF poster (relly wasn't poster size though) and some other stuff shoved in there.