Any1 buy from Pride Japan Store

Any one from the USA buy anything from the Pride Online Store.

I am thinking about getting some things, but it's all in Japanese. I know that my bank will automatically convert the currency from Yen to Dollars at purchase. I was also thinking about translating the pages in bablefish or google translator.

What about the shipping/delivery?
Quality of merchandise?
Sizes of shirts in Japan compared to US?
(are they true to size, or run big or small?)

Any help is appreciated.



have never bought from pride japan store but w/their current difficulty i might think twice LOL. But actually maybe getting now is the best idea before they go under for real. :( STUPID PRIDE!!

just dont order from Pride USA site. LOL you will either not get your stuff at all or get it like 1 year later, seriously, they suck. F you pride USA site.

For your other Qs I have some pride shirts, both good quality, as they should be because japan is Fing pricey! They do run SLIGHTLY small but beware, many people really exaggerate this to a very STUPID degree, racism IMO, but anyway maybe like a half size different.

so if you like a bit of room in the shirts go one bigger than usual.


also get a friend who speaks japanese, you should try to be friends with people who know diff. language in case of global catastrophe event or some shit, LOL but i am being serious sort of. But anyway then you could order no problem, so you see get a friend who speaks japanese.

thanks for the input guys!

Will they even ship internationally? I was under the impression that it was Japan-only.

I've ordered posters from the Pride USA site and never had problems.

Tell Roland that Craig sent ya!

I'm sorry what is the currency in? pounds? yen?