Any1 else notice Perretti at 50?

I was just rewatching the event and during the slow mo replay of Ivan's victory, you see a Perretti looking on very un-impressed. ha. Does that guy have any sort of emotion whatsoever?

He's must still be sour over his departure.

Oh..he totally thinks he's bigger than life. You would think with getting older you might loosen up a bit. ha.

I do think Perretti was the best at finding new talent but his matchmaking was sub-par.

He made great match ups, he just didn't have the money to put the fights together that they do now. There was that dark age between UFC 22 (well...really even that card sucked other than Tito/Shamrock) and UFC 29 where every card was pretty much C or B list fighters. There was no money there. I actually heard fighters say that it wasn't worth their time to take a fight in the UFC because of the money.

I liked Peretti. It cracked me up when everybody got so mad at him on here about the Severn/Rizzo it wasn't 150% true.

perretti was cool. i thought the ufc hated him now. guess not

chuck zito was with that hot ring girl from the ufc,hes a cool dude

was peretti that guy on The Contenders (grappling) that commentated, and always argued with Dan Gable as if he was some kind of grappling expert?

I hated hearing Peretti when he did any commentating on the UFC, or Extreme Battlecade. I think thats the right event (he owned). Just one of those people that I KNOW I would have bitch slapped if I ever met him. Him insulting the fighters he found for the UFC didn't help either. Neither did him always saying "That was sexy", when a fighter did something.

Well, it looks just like him. What are the odds of someone looking just like him & sitting in $350 seats.

Of course I could be wrong.

He was kind of smug, but that comment about Severen/Rizzo was about at as right as it gets.

That ring girl had two of the nicest tit-tays I have ever seen. TTT for pics.