Any1 mod toolbox struts / mechanical engineering help pls

I bought a new top tool box/chest and the lid doesnt open 90degrees.
Trying to figure out IF just installing longer struts in the existing holes will do the job, or if i need to drill a new mounting hole.

If anyone is a mechanical engineer or has made this mod … how would I calculate the length needed and hole location on the Y axis given the position on the X axis is fixed?

Is it as “simple” as knowing min closed length of the strut and making sure at its smallest length (closed all the way) it will still collapse inside the tool box (not “bottom out”) and then not exceed that spot on the Y axis?

A picture might help.

I think you are on the right path in your last paragraph.

Have you tried a stick to hold it open? Then just remove stick for closing? You can even store the stick in the chest!

I am so smart. SMRT


Stick everything in a bag of rice

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Are there multiple holes for the struts? Can you just remove the struts and open the lid all the way?

Get a pic later.
Also wondering if the Force required to open the lid would change.

not my mounting spots, but sort of like this

answers somewhere in here


there are but nothing gets me to 90 degrees

Rub some tussin on it

Do you need it at 90 for some reason it are you just OCD? Sounds like that’s the best you’re gonna get unless you start drilling holes

A longer strut could work if you have multiple holes to try. A longer strut in the same holes migjt not close all the way.


Hit with a hammer.

No much good advice.
I have a degree in aerospace engineering and i think you should try fucking it to establish dominance.

Actually, dont worry too much about force.
Measure the struts you have. Unattach one end and then estimate/measure what you would need extended length to get to 90 with current holes.

Again, i think you are on the right path. Better to be shy of 90 than not be able to close it

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i dont mind drilling, but i can only drill on the X axis.

yes, i want it 90 degrees so i can add magnetic bars and keep tools on the lid.i have a limited foot print for a tool box so i need to maximize as much space as i can


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my head hurts. I was never good at math

Math is easy, people are hard.

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Look up part number on current strut. Find force spec.

Referencing pic

If you throw longer strut into same holes, then find one with same or similar force.

If you drill new holes on x axis, then anything to right of current spot needs a stronger strut.

Anything to the left of current spot needs a less strong strut.

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lol- did you watch the video ?

No. Probably should have.
But i dont read instructions either

incredibly complicated