any1 want Forrest vs. Stephan 3 ?

I think this would be a very interesting fight seeing how Forrest and Stephan are at the top of the ufc rankings right now. Stephan coming off his suspension is hungry and this slugfest would make for a great headliner at ufc 76 or so.

Who's with me?

I want fight 3 baby!

"seeing how Forrest and Stephan are at the top of the ufc rankings right now"


so the general answer is... no one.


sorry but forrest wil end up as a gatekeeper , if lucky. he's to sloppy . makes chuck look like a nerosurgeon"

Forrest is the future of our sport and so is Bonnar aka the american psycho

don't need to see boner in the UFC again. forrest is ok, but boner is a snoozer.

I'm a Forrest fan, but I don't care to see Bonnar/Griffin 3. Maybe in a few years if both of them have a lot of good wins and are at the top of their division...then I could see having another rematch.

I'd rather see both of them fight other people. Last fight, Forrest basically picked Stephan wasn't the war that the first fight was.

Bonnar  vs tba at 73

I don't think Bonnar should be on a PPV fight card, UFN at best, the guy is coming off losses, a suspension for steroid use, seriously. The guy needs some time to work his way up to a PPV card again IMO.



this thread must die!

Bonner's done nothing impressive in years.

How are you doing, Forrest? Welcome to the UG!

I can't believe how many people took the bait on this one.

Very solid trolling here. Congrats.


Your kidding. Right!

To be honest...while the first one was entertaining it wasn't the great fight
that people made it out to be. And I thought Bonnar won that fight. Not
interested in another one.

Your kidding. Right!"

um no

no thanks...