Anybody a sea kayaker

Anyone here into sea kayaking. It is something I have always wanted to do and now that I am getting divorced I will have some time to pursue some activities that I have always wanted to do when the ex has my daughter for visitation. Any info on the sport would be appreciated. I'll be moving to Charleston SC this summer and they seem to have a lot of courses offered through the city park system.

I would guess the biggest hurdle would be price for getting started i.e equipment purchases. Is it best to rent, buy used gear or new? What would start up be financially? Thanks for any answers or info.

I've only done it some 10 times so I wouldn't go around calling myself a sea-kayaker, but I love it to death. Don't worry about price right now - just go find a local place that will rent you the gear and take you on a tour. The tour part isn't so much about seeing the sites (you'll do plenty of that on your own soon enough,) and is more about you learning how to control your craft. It's not too complicated man... you'll be up and running in no time.

Cool, like I said it is something I have been interested in for years. I've always lived where it is accessable, eastern NC, Seattle, Miami, but for some reason never done it. So I am definately gonna start.

i sold my kayak after having it for a few years and because i live (for at least a few more months) on an island, it's been all sea kayaking...

renting is cool but sadly, most rental kayaks are shit and won't give you a feel for a good one. Find out what the locals use. That's always a good starting point. Expensive isn't necessarily better. Used gear isn't bad but i prefer new for warranty purposes.

Dude, you're stoked. You feel so in tune with the ocean, not in a Diego Sanchez way but in a practical way. There are so many nooks and crannies you just can't get into (safely) w/o a kayak.

My friends and I used to kayak up and down Catalina Island (SoCal) and hit up multiple coves and beaches. When the mood struck, tied our kayaks to some kelp and snorkel around a bit. I've haven't gone diving from a kayak since getting certified, but I can't wait to do so. There is some killer kayaking 2 hours south of me, in Monterey Bay.

renting is cool but sadly, most rental kayaks are shit and won't give you a feel for a good one.

Yeah, 99% of rentals look like this:

Once you're ready to commit, get the real thing.

^^^fuck for a minute there I thought you meant that was the real thing and started reevaluating my idea LOL.

Kayaking is cool..just don't become one of those Kayak surfers that everyone hates.

No worries on that SD, I'm more interested in the calmer waters of estuaries and the such along the coast.


You're not offering me a lot of encouragement w/pictures like that. I would literally shit myself in that situation.

Last time I was sea kayaking a school of dolphins started fucking with us.  It was awesome.  They were all jumping around us and splashing us...  never forget it.  ever.

i have plans to go white water kayaking when i move to Virginia. Saw some people doing it and just said DAMN..looks like a rush

LOL B Sharps, you will NEVER be in that situation. Here's the scenes you'll be rocking:

Opps! Sorry about the last one :(

I say rent...the trouble of storing and transport is worth it IMO. My buddy is a former Olympic Kayaker and he has a bunch of "surf and sea" (?) Kayaks that we go out on from time to time and that shit is tough to balance with.

If you're just wanting to go out recreationally, I say rent.

:) Cali "Jill of all trades, master of none" Grrl

Those pictures are awesome, evne the last one though I'll probably hold off on that for a while.

Oh damn.

That pic is big. lol


:) Cali

Cali they are called surfski's.  Hard to balance for unskilled paddlers but fast.  Another thing that is very fun to do is outrigger paddling.  I raced for Marina Del Rey Outrigger for 2 years...  we won everything.  total blast.

Ah ha! That's it Cyber! Thanks!

Yeah, my friend wants me to start training in them. I tried one of the olympic kayaks and had a HELLUVA time staying in it.

Once I got the hang of it and the foot rudder, I was cool, but it definitely took some practice.

He was just asked to be the manager for the USA Olympic Team so we go to the Newport Beach Aqua Center to paddle. Good times! (And thankfully the dock is close to the waterway for when I have to swim the kayak back after getting dumped!)

:) Cali

I've paddled out of NAC a bajillion times.  We used to do adventure racing weekend clinics that started and ended at NAC.  Great guys down there.  What's your buddies name?

Cliff Meidl...he was at the 2002 and 2004 Olympics.

Awesome guy...he's finishing up his MBA at USC in the next week or so, then he will be free to get on the water with me, which he has promised to do!

Maybe I will see you around the docks!

:) Cali