anybody actually buying RJJ PPV?

seroiusly, I'm very curious. Will anybody here actually buy the RJJ PPV next week?

might go to a sports bar to watch it, but wont get ppv

Who's he fighting?

prince hamed or something like that


Should have been on HBO.


i would like to see RJJ fight and do well, but he burned me on the 3rd Tarver fight and i'll never pay to watch him again

i'm suprised this isn't on showtime

I will, I can't help myself. I think it's like $25 anyway.

Prince Badi I'm going to Wing House to watch it!

Alex101, I'm a lot like you. No matter how shitty the PPV, or how big of a rip off it is, I usually end up buying it anyways, just can't help it.

But this time I am making a stand. I REFUSE TO BUY THE RJJ PPV!

I think there are free fights on HBO that night,
I will watch those and find a free PbP of the RJJ