Anybody ACTUALLY getting Bushido?

Since nearly all the fights have been shown for free on the net, and there were spoilers in the thread titles the day after....who is actually purchasing the event?

lol @ UFC4LIFE haha

It was definitely entertainging event. Get it or youtube it, but watch it.

seems like they yanked the Vids from youtube.

No, I'd nixed buying it when they increased the price and took two fights I was interested in off the card for cable tv.

Though it still looks like a purchase-worthy card in retrospect, I guess I'm an asshole who sticks to my bullheaded decisions.

"Save your money this event sucked..."

You gotta be kidding, Pulvers and Hansens fights were frigging awesome.


I'm getting it, even though I've already seen the whole event.







were all very exciting

UFC4life...hey guys it's Dana!

Saw them all for Misaki/Henderson. I would even add Minowa/Silva to the
list for the nice takedown if nothing else.

I have not seen the vids, and I am not sure if I will order it.

There is so many damn ppv's these days...and so little time

im buying it

i wanna see those fights with english commentary

and there is still 2 or 3 i havent seen yet

what fights are they playing on the ppv?


Now THAT'S a lurker right there. 8 posts since 1/1/01.

I saw that streaming feed too. First time I've ever seen a Pride live. Great experience.

Im getting it.

I'll get the event...I just simply did not care to watch the videos online and only saw the results of one fight in a thread title. Plus, I just would rather watch it on the big screen.

do ufc or pride offer live streams? if so how much if not then what are theses 'other' streams people(spartan) go on about?...i live in the north of Scotland were my street cannot even get cable yet, plus i am in rented accom. so sky is off the menu...i aint seen shit in the last 2 years since moved here and depend solely on the freebies posted on here...well not really as i could buy the DVD's but as people say i am i come on here during/after the event and the vids/pics flow to the max. So i guess they only way i would pay for any thing in my present situation is if i could get a live feed. any help much appreciated

getting it without a doubt!

Support the sport you mother fuckers.

If it had been available live I might have gotten the PPV. But knowing that at least two of the key fights I wanted to see would be on for free the next week, I reconsidered my purchase. but with several UFC's and other PRIDE event comming ups soon my PPV dollars were already budgeted for the month. There are so many events on in the next 2 months its amazing,