Anybody checking this out?

Anybody going to the Muay Thai event at Ultimate Martial Arts on 21/2/04?

Is there a website we can check out for more info?


Sorry about that. The website is I'm thinking of checking it out as it would be cool to see some Muay Thai in action.


CC - I may go with a friend or two.

There's also a shootfighting seminar sponsored by
the same club; it's on March. 20th. Who's Yuji Fujita?
Anyway, the prices are good, either in advance or at
the door.

There's also mention of another muay thai event on
June 19th at Centennial College. Things are really
starting to look-up locally.

Hey Wayne-O. I'm checking it out too with a couple of buddies. They told me that this upcoming event is limited to 300 seats but that the future muay thai events will have 1400 seats. This is the same club where Omar used to teach. I was also told by them that there are some Japanese instructors coming in March to assist with their grappling program so I'm assuming that the shootfighting seminar is being done by one of them. You're right, it seems like some momentum is building up in Scarberia.

It's this weekend, hey Jason, can you work your

I sure can Wayne... :)


Thanks alot Jason. A friend of mine trains there and
asked if i could post the pic - i told him i couldn't,
but i knew someone who could. ;p