Anybody cry after watching Pride?

I kind of teared up and felt feelings it was that good of a tournament.

It was actually an eyelash that got in my eye that made me tear up...

. . . . In a word? No.

No, that would be gay.

No...but I cried when Spock died in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Cry? I ain't a pussy! Asking a question like that pisses me off. Eyes well up out of anger




I probably would have if I wan't drunk as hell.

hell I was crying before it came on

Though I admit I shed roughly 2-3 tears after some of the Silva/Saku beatings....Those were hard to watch.

I was crying but that's because I was watching Brokeback Mountain on one TV and Pride on another.

Not at the end, but I cried at the beauty of Mirko's kick ripping open Silva's head.

I cried when Spock died in Star Trek 2 as well! No didnt cry during the tournament, felt like it when Josh got that decision though.

i cried after realizing i paid for the hughes/gracie ppv if that makes u feel
any better

I cant say that i cried but it WAS definitely emotional and it made me respect Cro Cop more as a human being.

You're a pussy


I'm crying after reading this thread.

I got teared up when Coleman won the 2000 GP. I did get a bit wishy washy last night, which is saying a lot considering usually I can't stand Crocop (well, can't stand his fans) and always laugh when he loses.