Anybody else had pregnant sex before?

My wife had our daughter 16 months ago and I periodically find myself remembering how great pregnant sex was. I'm mean I never felt it so hot or wet like it was during her pregnancy. Some of you gotta understand where I'm coming from. It was glorious! Phone Post 3.0

no, never for me. so any pregnant porn they make? i like to experience it through a TV.

I got head from a pregnant woman before and it wasn't any better than usual

Its great till the kid is born and starts knocking you on the forehead going "how do you like it!" Phone Post 3.0

It was alright. I don't remember it being noticeably better.

Yeah, not really a fan... Mrs. Bruised is due in January and we're on a bit of a break. Phone Post 3.0

Ehhhhhh I prefer not pregnant sex. It's novel I suppose. Phone Post 3.0

It was hot and wet because your baby was breathing all over it. Phone Post 3.0

Never been pregnant so can't say I have. Phone Post 3.0

I thought I was pregnant once. Turns out I had to poop really bad. Phone Post 3.0

Didn't notice a difference Phone Post 3.0

One word: creamy Phone Post 3.0

It not really more "wetness" but a lot of cervIcal mucus. Phone Post 3.0

Had sex with Mrs. Crawler up to about 4 days before BabyCrawler was born.

Pregnant bishes be horny as fuck! Phone Post 3.0

I liked it alot. Just like most other sex I've had. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, like 10 years ago I banged a random that was 8 months pregnant. It was hot as fuck. Phone Post 3.0

Oh man. Had REALLY PREGNANT sex a bunch trying to get labor started. Mostly my wife and I just laughing uncontrollably.

She has a huge ass and I'm hung like a small Jewish boy... And doggy style was only option. Phone Post 3.0

nodice2012 - It not really more "wetness" but a lot of cervIcal mucus. Phone Post 3.0
Mmmm cervical mucus. I love it when you talk dirty Phone Post 3.0

My wife is in the second trimester, she makes me so horny I've been hitting it at least once day, plus Jerking it another once or twice. I showed her this thread and told her she was getting it as soon as our young daughter is sleeping (probably by 9:30 est) . She suggested a play by play or even suggestions from the OG (positions /role playing) .... What say ye? Phone Post 3.0

I have no clue how to create a jpg so a bluey can post pics.... Someone break it down in retard friendly terms Phone Post 3.0