Anybody else have an oral fixation(no homo) ?

I know a few other people too that always have to be drinking something. I always need water, or coffee, tea, anything. I was reading how some alcoholism can be tied to oral fixation. I used to constantly chew on pens and chew a ton of gum Phone Post 3.0

Yes. Phone Post 3.0

So what? That doesn't mean you will become an alcoholic.

You aren't on an unstoppable path Gritty.

You aren't the Juggernaut.

You aren't.

Everybody in AA drinks about 30 cups of coffee a day Phone Post 3.0

It's not gay if your try it, it's only gay if you keep doing it. Phone Post 3.0

I've been sober for a about a month and I noticed that I drink a ton of energy drinks and am constantly having to eat something especially sweets to keep me occupied.

I always have to have water or I get a little panicked especially if I'm stoned Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I'm always sucking cock Phone Post 3.0

I've always got a dip in my mouth. Phone Post 3.0