Anybody else notice return of short jean shorts?

They are making a big comeback in southern Ontario. Praise jesus.

Ahem, on girls of course. Phone Post 3.0

They never stopped being a thing lol Phone Post 3.0

Where's Pecker? Phone Post 3.0

tf? pics?

Came for the pics, stayed to whine about the lack of pics.

Thread needs more pics. Vote timer activated. No vote cast yet, but tick tock, OP. Tick tock. Phone Post 3.0

I live in Calgary. They've never left here

recently, the summer of 2012 was so beautiful then the subsequent years were all shit

OP, you're lucky T_R_A saved you. No vote shall be cast today. Phone Post 3.0


My goodness. Phone Post 3.0


These aren't quite as short, but man I love Christian Vera


Vu for the real american for saving thread. Sorry boys, i should have thrown one choice pic up at least. Phone Post 3.0


Id marry her. Phone Post 3.0


Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me?!?! Phone Post 3.0

Quick question, how much is a blue name? I want to contribute my share of tits, ass, and tom selleck pics. Phone Post 3.0

Look in site settings. I think it is $25 or so for a year. Phone Post 3.0


The way her shirt is resting it gives the appearance of a nip. That was all I needed.

Thank you sir. Phone Post 3.0



Wellllll phuckkkkkkkk. Braindead. Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0