Anybody else score that war a Draw?

10-9 Hendo
10-9 Hendo
10-9 Hendo
10-9 Shogun
10-8 Shogun Phone Post

Dan 3 to 2 Phone Post

Read my fucking mind.

I'm fucking pissed.


I scored it a draw.

Agreed. Very disappointing judging in my opinion. Phone Post

if the fifth round was a 10-8 so was the 3rd

exactly that

No, Dan won that fight and I was rooting for Shogun. It was only a draw if you were wearing your green and yellow homer glasses while watching it.

i dont know how that last round wasnt 10-8

that was a draw

Can't see how you can give shogun a 10-8 without giving hendo a 10-8. Shogun dominated positionally, but hendo did far more damage in his round.

nope had er for Dan
He hurt shogun
Shogun hardly did ne thing to a gased Hendo

i think hendo won according to the american judging system

pride would of gave it to shogun because they judge the whole fight and who would of won if they kept fighting

both were tired but hendo was done.

Yep. My card is the same as yours. But I could see some giving Dan a 10-8 round. Round 5 should have definitely been 10-8 for Shogun.

yes. Fitch got a 10-8 for that 3rd round against BJ, and Shoguns 5th round was way more dominant

I was leanin towards SHogun in the 1st round

Mister Moonlight - 10-9 Hendo
10-9 Hendo
10-9 Hendo
10-9 Shogun
10-8 Shogun Phone Post

Couldn't decide before the fight who I wanted to win, who I thought would win, and now afterwards I still can't decide. Draw sounds good for me. Never mind. Phone Post

 draw here

3rd round was a 10-8 for dan if you thought round 5 was a 10-8 for shogun. dan also won the first two rounds so i gave him the fight.

Def scored it a draw Phone Post