Anybody else think Bisping beats Anderson Silva?

Bisping Fan - I honestly think Bisping has the tools to beat Silva.

We saw what Sonnen did to him over 5 rounds and I think Bisping is a much more diverse fighter. He can mix it up on the feet (though Silva still holds the advantage) but can also take Anderson down and make him quit.

I dont think Biz will allow himself to get drawn into Andersons game like Belfort and Forrest did.

Let me know your thoughts cheers.

 Bisbing is a really cool guy, nice, good for the sport, lots and lots of talent and personality.


I don't think the standup is there for him, and the wrestling either.

Then again who knows

Bisping doesn't even have a punchers chance in this fight Phone Post

MMAtheist - There are three types of people who say Bisping can beat Anderson:

1. British people
2. Trolls
3. British Trolls

All three options have equality invalid opinions.

And the British Trolls have farked up the UG

Bispings a Wanker

You can always count on the British brigade for a good laugh. Thanks mates I needed that!! Phone Post

Fuck no Phone Post

there is a good chance the bis will beat silva's hands, elbows, knees and legs like no man. I want this fight so bad!


Funny post.

No Phone Post

You sir are on crack. Or just really love Bisping. He kinda sucks incase you haven't noticed.

You sir are on crack. Or just really love Bisping. He kinda sucks incase you haven't noticed.

Troll, don't feed.

This isn't even a matter of opinion: Bisping has nothing to offer Anderson Silva. He would get demolished in the stand up, easily, and he isn't a world class wrestler like hendo, and chael.

 No one who has any clue about fighting

I like Bisping. I really do admire his confidence and he seems like a nice guy who can take a joke. The UKTT trolls are really not doing him any favors in terms of public opinion. See: The Layzie:Nick Diaz effect.

With that said, he would have exactly zero chance against Silva. Zero. Yes, even in the world of "anything can happen" mma.

I'm British and I say....'Hell No! Phone Post

Lol, no. Phone Post

 Is there a different Anderson Silva?  I mean, we can't be talking about Anderson Silva in the UFC.  No.  No fucking way Bisping beats Anderson Silva.

OP, dumbest post ever?

Bailx - OP, dumbest post ever?
Hell no. Anyone who says 100% chance Bisping loses qualifies for dumbest post. First of all, anything can happen in a fight. Secondly, Bisping stylistically matches up extremely well and I would favour him above anyone else in the MW division to beat Anderson. 


Bisping is a solid fighter but anyone who believes he has any type of chance against the GOAT is crazy. He doesn't even have a punchers chance (pillow fists lol). Phone Post