Anybody ever heard of Roman Rozell?

I met a gentleman this weekend, fittingly enough on Independence Day. He began to tell me his story and immediately my bullshit detector went off. Claims of being a green beret. Being blown up and retired from service after multiple IED blasts. He also said he was struck by lightning. Said he used his GI Bill to go to Arizona State and walked onto the wrestling team and that he was the oldest Division 1 NCAA wrestler and beat Handy Couture’s record. Told me he got a WWE tryout out of the blue. Said medicinal marijuana cured him of his vertigo and PTSD symptoms. At this point I’d heard enough and being an UGer I knew randy Couture was the oldest division 1 wrestler in history. I called him on his bullshit and pulled out my phone to google the oldest division 1 wrestler of all time to prove it was randy couture. It was all true. 

This guy HAS to go on Joe Rogan’s podcast. I’m fairly deep in the amateur bubble and had never heard of this guy. It’s literally every bullshit claim you hear at a bar but all true. If anyone can get this kid some exposure or get Rogan’s ear please it happen. Dude isn’t even on Wikipedia 




Like if someone was going to force me to have sex with a man or i die, That’s who I’d pick. 

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I’m not gonna lie, I offered to give him a Dutch Rudder

rodhicks -

I’m not gonna lie, I offered to give him a Dutch Rudder

That’s not gay

Wow.  That's a really cool video.

Roman is a stud, true 100% American badass!