Anybody ever use herbal cholesterol remedy?

My cholesterol is a little high, not high enough to warrant meds but the doctor wanted to see if i could bring it down with dietary changes.

Someone recommended Heart Drops by Strauss because they worked for him. Doctor didnt like the herbal supplement idea.

Anyone ever try this type of supplement?

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Citrus bergamot will work. 500mg 2x/day.

Red yeast rice has an even stronger effect, but its literally a natural form of a statin.

Take fish oil, exercise more, cut out dairy, replace most saturated fats in your diet with monounsaturated fats such as from extra virgin olive oil, almonds, avocado, etc.

Also, get a doctor who will look at more modern measures of cardiac health. If your insulin and inflammation levels are good, your overall cholesterol number isn’t really important. You can also do a cardiac calcium scan and see how much plaque you have. If you have no plaque buildup then the cholesterol is clearly not causing a problem.

Id much rather have a cholesterol of 260, super low hs-crp, excellent insulin sensitivity, and zero calcium score than be on a statin with high inflammation, insulin resistance, and plaque filled arteries but have cholesterol levels of 150.



Chasing “natural remedies” is essentially throwing money out the window. Dosages, purity of the supplement, and other factors make it almost impossible to find a consistent level that will actually work.

Also consider that there’s no quick fix that will bring you to “normal”. If you go the supplement or prescription route, you’re pretty much going to stick with it forever.

Changing your eating and exercise habits permanently are the most effective solutions, but they require discipline…

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One of my challenges is there may be a genetic component. My diet and fitness is better than average (although i have been inconsistent over the years).

So hard to say if i need to keep up the good habits consistently or if the family history will ultimately prevail.

Of course, the family history includes smokers and folks who didnt exercise as much as i do.

Interesting with the dairy - ive been zero dairy lately to see about losing the “last 10 pounds” but wasnt considering a cholesterol benefit.

Pomegranate juice. Works wonders

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Is a light dose of a statin bad?


Just get on a statin like the rest of us.

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I have heard Beta-Sisterol is beneficial.

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Red yeast rice

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What are your numbers?

After my recent test results my fnp wanted to see me about my “high” cholesterol.I’ve been on a meat based diet for around 4 months so I assumed my LDL would increase. All of my other numbers were better than before except my LDL.

A1C- 4.8

I have a couple fat out of shape friends with way lower LDL but much higher triglycerides and much lower HDL. They are presumed to be a lower because of their low LDL. Crazy.

I think i calculated these correctly

HDL - 53
LDL - 172
Triglycerides - 65