Anybody ever use this move (VIDEO)

Check this video out. This is for the BJJ and sub grapplers. A couple of submissions here that you just don't see too often. The 2nd tapout really makes you say WTF??

This is Roy Harris doing some light rolling with his brown belt, Roy Dean. This is footage from the new Mat Methods DVD I tried using that 2nd move last week when I was in the process of getting armbarred, but no luck for me, I think it helps a lot to have the gi pants to grab to buy you time, but we were going no gi. The first one

I've seen used a few times by Rickson and a couple other black belts, but I've never really had the guts to try it since I feel like I might give up my back. Enjoy the clip. Right now the DVD it's only available at the link below, but Budovideos should have it up any day now as well.


Yup, kinda like a shinlock using the his own head.

Like I said, I tried it last week and he got my arm before I could get it, but that's the only time I tried it and I've never drilled it. Plus my biceps are weak and I can't resist them as long as I'd like. lol

Light rolling is one thing, no way you could get it against someone going 100%, trying to take your arm off... Too little control IMO. If you jerked it really fast and hard you might be able to hurt his foot a little bit, but I don't see how you could get the tap.

Shaft themesong made it look more badass than a Pimp Cane.

I was reffing a grappling advanced division this Summer and a wrestler got the tap with that on a guy trying to triangle him.

Hm maybe I was wrong then. Was his leg trapped in some other way? How come he couldn't just kick out?

yea I know a big ass wrestler trying that all the time and he never gets it (not from this position, but when you are on his back); you just push out with your leg

Roy Harris taps the guy out with a shinlock...USING

Roy Harris is the best.


ttt for self promotion!

When I saw Roy Harris do it I didn't understand what the heck happened, so I asked him to show me. So he was on his back and said, go ahead and start the armbar, all the sudden is was serious pain. I've been on and off the mat for roughly 10 years and I think it's one of those moves that do work, but the fact is, you don't ever want to be in that position to begin with and you don't ever want to have to try it. Even then, there are probably a few other escapes you would try for before even going for this one. I think he knew that he could get a move like this on his student. If if was a high level black belt doing it to him, I bet he wouldn't try it. Still I think it's worthing taking a little note.

I think what helps stop you from just kicking out, is that the pressure from his head sorta traps your leg there, and the direction that you would "kick" from, is kinda shut down since he grabs your front from the direction you would want to kick at. I think my defense to this would be to shove my finger in his ear! lol


Can I just order the soundtrack?


Sorry, soundtrack not for sale = )

BTW, I did get that 2nd move, the shinlock today while rolling, but I think it was mostly because I had a big strength advantage over my partner and I was able to hold off on getting armabarred longer.