Anybody Ever....

Been hit in the face around the cheek/nose area and got air bubbles inside your skin?

While sparring, I got hit pretty solid and my trainer told me to hold my nose and blow to see if the air came out of my nasal cavity and basically make puffy air bubbles on my cheek. Well, it did make air bubbles, and my face fucking hurts.

Just wondering if anybody else has had this happen?



Bad sign. Very, very bad sign. Sorry dude, but you're probably gonna die...

i got punched in the head...then my head hurted for a about 3 days....
maybe just give it 3 days and see how it feels....

I believe that's a sign you have a fracture in your sinus cavity/cheek. See a doctor.

Dude see a doctor...

Go see a doctor.

I was crossfaced hard in training, I blew my nose after practice and my eye bugged out and went back in. Just under my eye was filled with air. It scared the crap out of me. Turned out I had a orbital blowout fracture.

Try breathing through your eyelids... Let us know how that works out.

I've haad bubbles of air under skin due to collapsed lung.

happened to me.....had a fight, slept on the way home, then blew my nose when i got home and my eye blew the hell up, was an orbital blowout, go see a doc immediately and don't get hit there again in the meantime and you won't need surgery like i did

same thing happened to a friend of mine while training, he died two weeks later. sorry man

LMAO....thanks guys, I've led a good life, I guess it's time...

The swelling has gone down tremendously today, so, it's looking pretty good.

I strongly advise trepanation to relieve the pressure and give the trapped air a place to escape.