Anybody fight Joe Jordan?

I was asked to fight Joe Jordan april 13th. I would fight him.

He would crush you.

I dont think so. I would knock him smooth the f*&^ out if he stands. He would have advantage on ground and want to take it there fast as he could.

Make the fight already. lets see what happens. Im game thats all

You have the same chance as a popcicle in hell

I drop him if we stand he would need the ground as fast as he could. that is a fact. Im looking 4 him, thats all

Thats what would get his Jaw broke if he stood with me :) my hands are 10000 times better than his

LOL says the guy who got KO'd by Neer/

So you've gone from "I was asked to fight" him to "Im looking 4 him"?

Did I miss something? I don't think Joe Jordan is the kind of guy who won't fight somebody. He took a fight with Hermes Franca on short notice and fought him extremely tough.


Didn't you retire?  I thought you were done.  If you're going to go away, stay away dude.  I thought your next fight was going to be Mouth... no?

We all know the Neer story. I drove allnight and all day. dried out,. Neer caught me with good shot but IIRC I was stopped not knocked out. He had mer down but not out. I was willing to do it again and still am. However i would like to knock Jordan out first :)thats what happens if he stands with me, no questions asked

Joe has a granite chin... I am not sure he can be knocked out.

You may want to focus on your ground game, as that seems to be the most common way that people beat him.

Good luck... Joe is very very tough.

Im not trying to dis respect Jordan but I got to have confidence in my stand up, he gets me to the ground im in trouble but im pretty strong so you never know. I was asked to fight Jordan april 13th and said yes but maybe they didnt like what I wanted. BTW it was very very modest purse

hes right joe would thrash you.

Yes Thanks, I know Jordan is VERY TOUGH


Jordans stand up is pretty good bro.

I know he is very tough

Good luck!

Why don't you just do boxing if you are so confident it your standup striking skills?

Oh yeah! That didn't work out either