Anybody from Camp Anaconda?

I'm from Camp Anaconda (Balad), and I've only been here since january. I was wondering if there is anybody on the UG, or SG that is here, and trains/or interested in training mma or submissions. I've only been out here for a few months, but we got some training equipment, and we got a mat on the way. If anyone is interested hit me up on this thread.

dude u guys still getting mortarted every day Anaconda is nice kinda like club med but with the mortars take care bro and see ya soon

Hey ChiggidyChops, you've been out here? We got a carbomb on monday morning, along with mortar attacks at 1pm, and then again at 5pm. Then they found another car bomb, on tuesday before it made it past the first gate. We're still getting mortar attacked, but it doesn't stop me from training. I got to the gym, but I don't see anybody training in mma, or anything like that (only tradition martial arts). I've actually ordered some books (Royler, jj macahado, Renzo, and a few other books), but theres no one to really practice with. I got a LT that I rolled with, but we have a weird schedule so its hard to stay on track for him. Do you train in Austin? Do you know DJ (met him in El Paso), and Phil (Gracie Austin)? Hit me up if you get a chance, I'm with the 31st CSH (were pretty easy to find), Spc. Villa, Guillermo

Dude DJ and Phil are my boys. Hey man did you guys replace the 21st CSH man those guys patch me and my buddies up real good. I was stationed in Baqubah and Al-hussienia right down from ya'll. Anyhow bro shoot me an e mail at I'll get some stuff to ya. My training partners were a couple of guys that did security work thru blackwater tactical and DEH. Anyhow take care and dont forget to tell haji GOOMBEE for me

When you leave Iraq. Camp Arifijan is now letting you take ONE bayonet home in your duffel bag



Theres got to be someone else that trains out here???? I met an airforce pilot who is a bjj blue belt from the machado school (Mika) in Las Vegas. We got together one day, and we are going to hit the mat again today. But if there is anybody from Camp Anaconda hit me up.

I am at anaconda and would love to train with you, I can be reached at to set up a time and place to meet.

Jason Schaefer you got mail.

Tonight I happened to run into UFC fighter Nick Aguilar at the army gym in a judo class (small world). They having judo class mon, wed, and fri @ 1800hrs for anybody at Camp Anaconda interested in training with him. He was a cool guy, mopped the floor with me, but I just take it as a learing experience. Come by if you get a chance.