Anybody get the re-released Uncharted collection?

Anybody, does it hold up? I'm thinking about picking it up.

Heard nothing but good things so far Phone Post 3.0

I'll be picking this up on Thursday when I get home for work! Going to spend my whole weekend gaming this and Witcher3 with a couple Madden games sprinkled in. Phone Post 3.0

Played through one of them on the PS3 and it was really good. Story is great. Phone Post 3.0

Loved the three first ones.

Is this a totally new game? Phone Post 3.0

Smellde Gluve - Loved the three first ones.

Is this a totally new game? Phone Post 3.0
Nah remastered versions of the first 3 on ps4. Uncharted 4 comes out next year Phone Post 3.0

Picked it up during lunch.

Loved the trilogy and can't wait to revisit.

Watched some vids of the games and everything is very smooth and crisp. At some points, the bumped up 60fps makes things look almost too smooth for Uncharted, if that makes sense.


Also, Best Buy is having a "Sony Day" or something where the Deal of the Day (DOTD) features GOW3 Remastered and Bloodborne for $25 each, $20 after Gamers Club Unlocked discount if anyone is looking to pick those up.


Fuck yeah. 3 classic games for $60 and without having to suffer through 30 frames per second.
Gonna be putting in a ton of time this weekend. Phone Post 3.0

I've never played the Uncharted series, but that's a hell of a deal. I'll probably pick it up. Phone Post 3.0

Contemplating, wasn't too impressed with the demo Phone Post 3.0

Mind, online is not included in the package Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, the only online aspect of the game is the included Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta code (live Dec 4-13)

I think I'm the only one who thinks that Uncharted 4 won't end the series. I have my theories of who dies in part 4 Phone Post 3.0

Game looks amazing. Worth every penny.

Won't spoil it but The ending of 2 was one of my favorite gaming moments of all time. I got emotional bros. Phone Post 3.0

Still rate uncharted 2 as my all time favourite game some much fun,still play it every once and awhile. Phone Post 3.0