Anybody have asthma?

I've been having pretty severe shortness of breath for the last few weeks and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. From what I've been told, I probably have asthma (or emphysema lol) brought on from when I smoked a pack a day. If this is the case, what can I expect? I about went to the ER today it's been so bad.

They're loving me at the hospital..first stitches in my hand, now this...

Well, I was joking about having emphysema, but now I wish I had it, what with all the fun things you can do with an oxygen tank!


I carry an inhaler with me at all times

start diggin your grave now.

you could have allergies. there are different strategies to deal with asthma, to make it controllable most of the time. a girlfriend ran a 1/2 marathon and has exercise induced asthma, so depending on the type, it may not be that debilitating.

Take the O2 supplement from advocare @ It Helps me out a ton

ttt for later

I had asthma and was taking both Advair and Albuterol inhalers.

I found that it was some kind of alergic reaction and got really bad attacks anytime I got the flu. Dude, an asthma attack can be fatal.

I started supplemetning with a multivitamin that has mega antioxidants and chelated minerals. I haven't taken either medicine in over a year. Also, something in wine give me an alergic reaction that triggers asthma

Advair 250 discus

I took advair as well for a year or two. They have a lot of great meds that will help you out a ton. It worked for me, but then again I have not worked out in over a year!

I just switched to Advair 500 from 250, its been an

amazing difference. I have carried an inhaler all my

life and can finally leave it behind...not at all

times. I have never had an attack they call mine

athletic asthma even though its usually around. Get

checked but that Advair is the best shit I've ever

used, not an overnight cure but after a month, Great

SEKIYA, tell me about those vitamins and minerals

ttt- i heard advair can cause hugh weight gain- do a google search with advair AND weight gain.

I took advair for my asthma though and I was free in like 2 days.

I've had it for 24 years.

A month ago I went in for a lung test.I was breathing at 51%.I had let myself go,and it really fucked me up.I went back to my inhalers,and nasal washes,and I'm breathin alot better.

Quik,it could be allergy induced as I would end up in the Emergency this month every year, due to pollen.

Don't fuck with it.I knew 2 guys personaly who died from it,and they were both younger than me.(early 30's)

man fuck these guys that are making jokes, its no fun to have asthma, man if they give u an inhaler just keep it with u at all times, i had asthma when i was a kid, and thank god i grew out of it, but the inhaler works good, and vaporizers too, best of luck man

I got it you need to burn the lungs before you train. Send me email and I will tell you hyow I do it. Most important thing is not panic when it starts brother.

Ive had it since I was 8, Im almost 41 yrs now. If you follow a healthy lifestyle(proper sleep, make sure you arent dihydrated when you train, avoid any possible triggers like milk etc...)With any meds prescibed, than it shouldnt be a factor.

asthma since I was 5. I carry an inhaler daily. Been in and out of the hospital from 6th grade till 11th. Havent been back since moving out from my parents (they smoked).

Best advice, STAY CALM. Its very easy to get scared when you cant breath and that makes it ten times harder to breath.

In through your nose out through your mouth is the best breathing technique.

Also, dont stop working out/training if you do. The better your cardio the easier it is to regain your breathing.

Good luck, you need anything hollar,

If you train regularly the asthma will have less of an effect on you... I have had it all my life, and played football since I was 7 to 18. Occassional problems here and there over the years (and once I did have to go to the hospital due to a severe "attack")... but mostly just take a "puff" from an inhaler.

Now that I am less active and don't really work out, I have more frequent flair ups. Nothing acute, but some discomfort on a regular basis (use the inhaler several times week)... but no acute episodes requiring hospital since I have become a sloth

and also, your gunna get in a rythem of taking only one puff (this is if you have an inhaler), take both, the 1st opens the airways, the second goes into the lungs, this is vital for fixing the issue for longer then a few hours.