Anybody Have Dallas Cowboy Tickets They Wont Use?


if so PM me. I want to go but would not spend a fucking penny on a ticket or parking. I will take a mother fucking knee during  the Black national Anthem like a mother fucker I swear I will. 


Fuck all that shit. never ends. 


I had a buddy who played NFL ball for a few years. This is way back. he said the whole league is black oriented. He said he used to get jacked up by Black players every paycheck time for NAACP contributions. During team meetings. fuk that. 



Fuck the cowboys...


ABCTT_Disco Dracula -

Fuck the cowboys...

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Low key, I'll take some free tickets.  50 yrd line, hook it up.

This is a great attempt at scoring some free cowboys tickets lol

If that shit will even happen . I seriously don’t think it will with the rate of cases . They will either play in an empty stadium which would be interesting for season ticket holders or there will be no season . There is too much money to be had for the NFL season so I’m sure they will play with no stadium or half . 

ABCTT_Disco Dracula - 

Fuck the cowboys...

THIS IS THE YEAR!!! Jer-uh said so!