Anybody here NG Special Forces?

Anybody in the NGSF 19th or 20th SFG. Trying to weigh options between 18x and REP-63. Thanks.

I would suggest that you try the boards on . They are very helpful over there and in the past I have spoken with a recruiter from the 19th SFG from Rhode Island he was very helpful and knowledgeable. Good luck.


I was suppose to be in 20th, but I moved to Tallahasse instead. Still want to transfer down, but now im going to Afghanistan.


Im with C 20th SFG, I transfered over from a DS unit in Dallas TX. The program set up for NQP's is really good. I drive 8hrs one way to be in this unit, it is so worth it. 2/20th has the highest selection graduates than any Group NG or active.

Thanks for the responses. Shebaro,can I email you with some Q's?




Sorry, I've been out of the loop for a while. Sure thing if I can't answer your questions I'll find someone from the unit that can.

Thanks Shebaro. You've got mail.