Anybody in San Jose right now?

Takahashi got ripped off last year imo. Here's the link (I made a thread already last year):

If you're there share some updates and let us know how the competition is.

Couldn't agree with you more. Takahashi dominated the fight. Opponent didn't come close to throwing him. Opponent was on the defensive the whole fight. The ref is an experienced ref. No sure what the sideline video/instructions were. I am not sure if the new gripping rules were in effect at this Shiai.

The referee's penalty at the end was correct. So were at least two of the other penalties. One penalty on the grip, the offending hand is blocked from view in the video, so cannot say for certain. Likely, it was correct as well.

I don't agree with all the ref's shidos. Maybe 2? Refs can choose how nit picky they want to be. Refs can exercise a reasonble degree of leniency for the sake of having an exciting, unhindered match. That's how it is in any sport. Blue attacked maybe once the entire time, and his corner, fully exemplifying the principles of bushido, was encouraging him to win by having Takahashi pick up the final shido.

This winning by shido shit is worse then winning by advantages in BJJ.

Sub-only tournaments are gaining popularity in BJJ. Maybe someone in judo will start an ippon only tournament some day.

Blue can't be proud of his performance.

You might not agree, but three are undebatable. 

OCJudoTrngCtr - 

You might not agree, but three are undebatable. 

To be perfectly honest I am sure you know more about reffing than I do. And you are probably right.

I guess I am just disappointed that the current ruleset allows somebody to win like that.

I think you are probably more disappointed that Takahashi lost by the current rule set than it allowing somebody to win like that.

Let me ask you this.  You were a member of this forum when Takahashi beat Ishii on shidos.  They were the type of shidos which are subjective, unlike the type of shidos that Takahashi received penalties for in this match. Did you care how Takahashi defeated Ishii? Or how about when Ishii received the hansoku make for a leg grab against Takahashi? I bet you were probably just happy that Takahashi came away with the victory. I know I was both times.


I know Takahashi and I pretty much always pull for him to win. However, when I saw that match against Ishii with the leg grab, I felt conflicted: good job, but probably not his proudest victory.

I haven't watched those Ishii matches in a while, but I would think that he attacked more than blue did.

Takahashi took 1st place on Tenri Judo facebook. Usually they post video's.

Here are some finals matches uploaded by the USJF channel:




Haven't seen the other weight classes yet but yeah also heard Takahashi won.

Thanks for posting the matches. The 66K fighter who won had excellent display of foot attack skills. 81K was ok, good attacks, 90K Colton was far superior skills/experience. Just really want to see Takahashi's matches. Watching his matches are just as enjoyable as any of our Olympians. The skill level he displays at these local events is unreal.

Highlight reel of the tournament. Still haven't seen individual matches from any weight classes besides those above.

Excellent judo skills displayed. Didn't see Takahashi. Very impressed with the overall sill level. thanks,