Anybody in Windsor

...need a ride to Toronto Showdown?

call me
256-5533 x550 or 971-6381


to the guy from Kitchener:
i couldn't reach you at either of the numbers you

you can try my cell again 971-6381

coming down next week to the Windsor area looking for place to train either bjj or sub wrestling. I don't want to go to Detroit. Looking for a place on the Canadian side.


unfortunately there are no places to train BJJ or sub wrestling in Windsor.

there is a good judo club,
Furukawa's at 360 Eugenie East, unit 202

they're old school and do lots of randori, including newaza.

classes tuesday & thursday 7-9pm, saturdays 1-3pm.

call sensei Marcel 519-250-9790

Thanks, will do!!!