Anybody into Bowfishing?

This is probably my favorite sport. I like to hunt and flyfish, but bowfishing gets my attention the most. I normally wade shoal areas in a few rivers in my area, but a friend and I also do a little bowfishing in a jon boat in sloughs of some of the larger lakes around central Alabama.

If you do bowfish, what kind of equipment are you running? I use a pearson recurve (Cougar I think) 45# draw weight, and an AMS retriever reel. I normally use fiberglass arrows tipped with muzzy heads. I prefer the gar points to the sharper, but weaker, carp points. I also own a few aluminum fishing arrows, but for shallow rivers I use the white fiberglass arrows.

Also, what kind of fish do you shoot in your area? I have common carp, longnose and shortnose gar, drum, suckers, and grass carp mostly. I do shoot catfish from time to time, if one of them presents itself. If I go to south Alabama I go after Alligator Gar in some of the larger rivers. But I don't get to chase the gator gar but once or twice a year.

I used to shoot carp as a kid.

with a regular arrow.. :-) it would usually just run thru them and stick
into the creek bed.

Very cool. My dad bought this cool rig that you mounted to a long bow back in the 70's and it worked great! I fished with it a couple of times, but where it really shined was frog gigging! You could get a head mounted lantern, like a coal miner uses, and go out a gig all night long by your lonesome.You just spot 'em with the head light, pop 'em and real 'em in. I used a 50lb draw long bow. I had aluminum shafts and I welded my own barbed heads on just some crappy field points I found laying around.

I'm getting back into archery just for fun, but the idea of bowfishing really appeals to me, too.

Are there any special considerations I need to make when buying a bow, if I'm also thinking of doing bowfishing with it? Is there a minimum poundage I should be using? Sizes? I'm looking at wooden recurves in the 40# range now.

Is there a good reference site on the legalities of bow fishing, licenses and locations? I've never hunted or fished before, except as a unlicensed kid in the woods around my house, so I'm as green as they get here.

Awesome, thanks.

My bow is on order.