anybody know about carl adams/asic

my son is going to a summer wrestling camp in boston
its called carl adams wrestling camp sponsored by asics. anyone know anything about carl adams or this camp? cant find any info on this person outside of his camp website. thanks.


Carl Adams is recognized and respected as one of the greatest wrestling authorities in the country. He has a crap-load of wrestling honors and an immensely successful coaching record. My brother has his book and videos which are fantastic and inexpensive as well. At the time the book was written, his Division I Conference coaching record was 60-2. As head coach his Division I teams won 11 titles in 14 years. Those are just some of his accomplishments. I don't feel like typing ALL of them out!

His videos are very detailed and easy to learn from. Also, for what it's worth, he seems like a really, really, REALLY nice guy. I'm talking like "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood" level of kindness and manners.

For example, everytime a new assistant walks on camera, he says... "Helping me out today is John. Hi, John, thanks for helping me out today."

Then he shakes John's hand like he's meeting him for the first time. I've never seen anyone do that before. Most of the time, video instructors treat their assistants like crap. He's a very classy guy. I think your son will benefit a great deal from the camp.

thanks for the info HefX

the bottom line is hes a great guy, a great coach and puts on a great camp. your son is going to learn a lot, thats for sure